Ravioli: The Party Pasta

By Jackie Fo
Created March 17, 2017
Everyone loves ravioli. Soft, pillowy dough filled with cheese, vegetables or meat can make anyones day a little brighter. MORE+ LESS-

Everyone loves ravioli.

Soft, pillowy dough filled with cheese, vegetables or meat can make anyone’s day a little brighter.

But being that I’m a typical American, I just can’t leave well enough alone. I had to make something already delicious even MORE delicious by frying these dough pillows.  I first caught wind of this phenomenon at a wedding – the taste was unforgettable. Let’s explore the fried ravioli possibilities, shall we?

Idiot-proof instructions for frying premade refrigerated ravioli:

Step 1: Buy premade refrigerated ravioli.

Step 2: Heat up some oil until it’s screamin’ hot! (BE CAREFUL!)

Step 3: Toss in your ravioli. They take about 5 seconds to brown up and come to the top! Take them out with a slotted spoon and put them on a plate lined with paper towels to drain.

Before you know it, you will have crispy outsides with gooey cheese insides, perfect for dipping into marinara sauce as a quick party appetizer! Serve with toothpicks or on sticks to make a “fried ravioli lollipop”!

Other options

Bread your ravioli: Follow the same directions as before, but dredge the ravioli in milk and coat with breadcrumbs for breaded ravioli!

Wonton wrappers: Want a challenge? Make your own ravioli using wonton wrappers. Found in the Asian sections of most grocery stores, wonton wrappers are super easy to use.

Idiot-proof instructions for creating wonton raviolis:

Step 1: Buy wonton wrappers and fillings (ricotta cheese, meats, vegetables, etc).

Step 2: Put a small dollop of filling in the center of one wonton wrapper. Using your finger, wet the edges of each wrapper and put one wonton wrapper on top of the other with the filling. Press together firmly – you don’t want the filling to come out when frying.

Step 3: See the first set of idiot-proof instructions above for frying directions.

Spend some time experimenting with different fillings and working with the wonton wrappers. You can even have a “Make your own” ravioli party! Set out different types of fillings along with the wrappers and have people go to town. Fry them or serve them as a pasta dish--the possibilities are endless!

Serve fried ravioli at your next party-- I promise your friends won’t have seen anything like it!

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