Recipes and Ideas for a Downton Abbey Party

By Burn The Wine
Created March 17, 2017
Downton Abbey Party
Downton Abbey fans, queue up the channel and feast on these favourite British eats and sips while enjoying the show! MORE+ LESS-

Downton Abbey fans, here's your ticket to viewing fun! Make some of these typically British foods, then settle in on the couch to watch the show.

I can tell by that twinkle in your eye that you are a huge fan of Masterpiece Theater – good on you! And although you don’t really need an excuse, the upcoming Downtown Abbey premiere is a totally legit reason to get your posh on.

But maybe you don’t have a fleet of maids, cooks, and valets to do all the legwork for you. Here, assembled for your pleasure and usage, are some easy-peasy, super-tasty British-inspired recipes and ideas that'll make your gathering impressive (by even a Dowager Countess’s standards).


1. Union Jack Fruit Pizza

A fruit-based homage to the national flag of the United Kingdom, this pizza features a sugar cookie crust. 


2. Mini Royal Fruit Cakes

My dears, I do hope you have your lace gloves and fans at the ready; these dainty little cakes guarantee a royally good time. 


3. Easy Petit Fours

So cute! So delicate! So easy! Get a pre-made pound cake and that’s half the tiny cake battle. 

4. Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Featuring McVitie’s chocolate digestives or another rich tea biscuit, this yummy cake is Prince William's pick. 


5. Chocolate Ganache Meringues

These delicious and decadent cookies practically make themselves!  And they look so amazing, guests will think Mrs. Patmore was slaving away in your kitchen all day. 


6. Mincemeat Pie

It doesn’t get much more British than mince pies.  A wintertime favorite, traditional mince pies featured suet, but you can get the same delicious results with a can of ready-made mince! 


7. Apricot Scone and White Chocolate Drizzle

Easy to make and flavorful, these triangular treats are perfect for teatime (or anytime, really).


8. Banoffee Pie

I have a friend who is actually from England and is an actual doctor – of Science.  When I asked her about must-have British foods, she said two words to me: banoffee pie. I trust her; you should too. She’s a doctor! 


9. Tea!

Get your best china ready! Here are some helpful Do's and Nope's for proper tea preparation.


10. Dilly Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Now for something savory: these light and fresh herbed finger sandwiches will call to mind fancy garden parties. 


11. Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes

When you do serious research about British food (which I totally did), the findings inform you that the Brits are very keen on meats in pie formation. Now miniaturize it and what do you get? Handheld savory pies for maximum yum and ease of eating. 


12. Mini Shepherd Pie

Pillsbury’s seamless Crescent dough makes these succulent mini pies easy to grab and get your grub on. 


13. Melton Mowbray Pork Pies

Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts help you create a delicious and mouthwatering British staple. 


14. Scotch Eggs

These are seriously so good, I'm telling you. Add a dollop of spicy mustard or some hearty gravy to ratchet up the flavor on these protein-packed snacks! 


15. Pimm’s Cup

Way back in the day, a British dude named Pimm devised a gin drink for gents to sip, probably while twiddling their perfectly coiffed moustaches. Luckily, having a perfectly coiffed moustache isn’t a prerequisite to enjoy this authentic and steeped-in-British-tradition adult beverage. 


16. Figgy Pudding

This traditional English holiday favorite (or should we say favourite?) is packed with dried fruits and brandy! Fun any time of year.


More Ideas

Wondering how to zazz up your party presentation? Some fun ideas include dressing up your table with fresh flowers, silver (or silver-plated) ware and doilies.

A scouring of the internet yielded some quirky ideas to celebrate the premiere:

Do enjoy responsibly, dears.