Say Cheese! How to Entertain with Fromage

By Jackie Fo
Created March 14, 2017
While you can never go wrong cooking with cheese, it can also make for a fun dinner party or tasting experience. Here are some tips on how to entertain with cheese. MORE+ LESS-

Cheese is a food group, right?


Well, it is in my mind. I’m a total cheese head—and I don’t mean I support the Green Bay Packers. I could easily find a way to involve cheese in all of my daily food choices. Breakfast: Eggs with cheese. Mid-morning snack: string cheese. Lunch: Sandwich with cheese. You get my drift, right? If it weren’t for those pesky calories and that silly old cholesterol issue, I would have cheese every hour on the hour.  But don’t worry—I’ve found acceptable workarounds to get my cheese fix without overindulging. Check out these entertaining ideas, and invite some friends over for a cheesy-good time!

Showcase cheeses from around the world

Host a regional cheese-tasting party! French, Italian or American—cheese is delicious no matter where it hails from! To differentiate countries of origin, use a toothpick with a flag in each block of cheese. This gives your display some color and your guests an education. Serve multiple regions at once to compare, or focus on a single region and use cheese as a first course before rounding out the evening with other regional cuisine.

Fromage (French cheese): According to my research, there are between 350 and 400 different types of French cheeses. Even I, a true cheese fanatic, might be overloaded with cheese at this point. Just pick a few of the classic favorites, like brie and camembert. Complement with additional French food, or simply serve with French wine to complete the pairing!

Italian Cheeses: Fresh mozzarella di Bufala is hard to beat, and you can find it plain, marinated, or mixed with herbs. Let guests sample the amazing varieties on their own, or pair with light appetizers like a mozzarella and tomato Caprese salad or an antipasti platter. And don’t forget Parmiggiano-Reggiano, Asiago and ricotta! If your guests are hungry for more food, these cheeses pair perfectly with pastas and other heavier Italian fare.

American Cheeses: Yes, America is famous for its processed cheese, but what about our delicious Wisconsin cheddar and colby-jack? While not as fancy as their European counterparts, American cheeses are the perfect predecessor to an American meal of hamburgers and fries.

Sort cheeses by color

While many folks may classify their cheeses by culture, some people, like my husband, classify their cheeses by color. “I’ll take the orange cheese,” is a common phrase heard at my house. Celebrate the ombre trend by serving cheeses in a line of color, from lightest shade to darkest shade. It will make a pretty presentation and provides lots of variety!

Make cheese the focal point

I can’t promise this is good for your digestive system, but your taste buds will LOVE a cheese course dinner! Try these recipes from Tablespoon:

First course – French Onion Soup

Main Course – Cheese n’ Chicken Pie

Dessert – Cheesecake Chocolate Layered Wedges

Go ahead—be a cheesy entertainer at your next gathering!