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State Fair Food

State Fair Hero
State Fair food is so good. Fried or on a stick, it’s the best food fest of the year! MORE+ LESS-
By Accidentally Sexy
Created March 14, 2017

I grew up in Iowa, where the state fair is a huge deal. Every summer would end with a trip to the fair and a search for the best and most creative treats. When it comes down to it, you want a couple things in your fair food: fried and/or on-a-stick. Everything else is up to your imagination!

Sometimes you don’t want to wait to go to the fair or maybe you want to throw a fair themed party in your backyard. Here are a few recipes that we’d suggest to satiate your taste buds.


1. Bacon Funnel Cakes

In my opinion, funnel cakes are some of the best fair food. They’re like a mash up between a donut and a puzzle that you have to eat with a fork. This little diddy is upgraded with bacon!


2. State Fair Crescent Cheese Curds

Can I get a Y-U-M?! Cheese curds are a Midwest staple and twice as fun to eat during state fair season.


3. Double Bacon Crescent Corn Dogs

1. On-a-stick. 2. Uses Crescents. 3. Make these already, will ya?


4. Deep Fried Candy Bars

In the UK, the joke is that you can bring any candy to a chip shop and they will fry it for you. Now, that seems to go for state fairs too! I love a deep fried candy bar. It kinda tastes like the best donut you’ve ever had.


5. Thin Mint Fried Cookie Dough

I mean, there is nothing about the name of this recipe that I don’t like. Plus, that bright green color is so eye-catching and fun!


6. Deep Fried Pickles

When I was a kid, I used to get giant jars of pickles for Christmas every year. And it was usually my favorite gift.


7. Chip Crusted Bacon

Salty, savory and crispy/crunchy seems like a showstopper to me.


8. Watermelon Daiquiri Freezer Pops

Look at how cute these are! Personally, I’m not a big fan of watermelon, which is an area of contention with everyone that I know and love. However, pop it on a stick and turn it into a daiquiri and I’ll give it a shot.


9. Savory Corn On A Stick

A corncob is pretty much a naturally occurring stick. Throwing a stick into the mix just for the joy of it is something only a state fair would dream up.


10. Taco Pops

Sometimes you just want a little taste. This is especially the case when you’ve got a day of state fair eating ahead of you. These tasty taco pops are just the solution.