Sweet Party Favors

By Pizzazzerie
Created March 14, 2017
We all love midnight snacks, and these goodies will cure those late-night cravings or give your guests a next-day reminder of the fun they had at your shindig. MORE+ LESS-

Hosting a shindig soon? Have your party recipes ready? House all decorated? Fabulous. Those are key.

But you can really make your party the talk of the town with these sweet party favors! We all love midnight snacks, and these goodies will cure those late-night cravings or give your guests a next-day reminder of the fun they had.

Baked to Perfection

Whip up a batch of your favorite cupcake in miniature sizes. Supply small take-out boxes for guests to fill with a couple mini cupcakes to go. Or take it one step further and set up a “build your own cupcake bar.” Set out frostings and toppings in glass bowls on a side table, along with the take-out boxes.

Sweet As Sugar Pie

Down south, “sweet as sugar pie” is a flattering compliment, and at the end of a party, mini pies are a unique party favor and a little compliment to your guests. Whether you stick them on lollipop sticks for “pie pops” or stack several inside a cellophane bag, your guests will love mini pies. Bake up your favorite pie recipe or try an Pecan Pie recipe.

Time for Tea

Hosting a fabulous late-night party? Send me an invite, and then set up simple boxes stocked with tea bags and shortbread cookies. (Or, if your party goes till the wee hours, have these ready for people when the sun comes up.)  It’s the perfect little treat for the morning after a late cocktail party.

Fun with Fortunes

We all love reading our cheesy fortune after a night of take-out Chinese food, so why not end your party with fortune cookies too? Add a little pizzazz by dipping each end of the cookies in white and dark chocolates. Sprinkle on nonpareils, chopped nuts, or coconut for an extra sweet favor. Place several in a small bag with a ribbon for guests to grab as they head out the door.

Cookie Time

Even a basic cookie can be a crowd-pleaser. Hosting an Italian dinner party? Send guests home with “ravioli cookies” made of sugar cookie dough and filled with Nutella or chocolate. Hosting a fiesta party? Try Mexican wedding cookies, rolled in confectioner’s sugar! You get the idea.

Chocoholics Dream

Hi, my name is Courtney and I’m a chocoholic. My perfect party favor idea would be a chocolate bar! Set out a variety of chocolate treats, from rich brownies to truffles and let guests fill a mini box with a few of their choosing. Tip: Make extra, as this is always a big hit at parties!

Peaches and Cream

Hosting a summer soiree? Send guests home with peaches and cream (or, if it’s a bit earlier in the season, strawberries and cream). Just package up a couple of peaches and a notecard for a delicious Peaches and Cream Topping recipe!

The best part about sweet party favors is that they’re like the dessert course for a whole party—and they leave your guests thinking sweet thoughts about you and the time they had.

Favor Faves

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What are your fave party favors to send home with your guests?