Taste the (Double) Rainbow

By J Morton
Created March 15, 2017
Behold the Double Rainbow Gelatin Shot -- two full, majestic, alcoholic rainbows contained within a single glass. MORE+ LESS-

Earlier this year the Internet was rocked to its very foundation. The cause: a video of a man going absolutely bonkers over a double rainbow. (If you haven't seen it, or want to revisit the event, it's right here).

This provokes an obvious question: How could this translate to a beverage, in, say, a party setting?

The Double Rainbow Gelatin Shot, of course -- two full, majestic, alcoholic rainbows contained within a single glass.

Be warned: this is a serious project. It's a lot closer to building a house than mixing a drink. The first question is how best to dress up the flavored gelatin with alcohol.

There are a few schools of thought. One would be finding an appropriate liquor for each flavor (in other words, cherry vodka for red, blue Curacao for blue, and so forth.) But this creates a real mess of flavors and sometimes a physical mess, as well, if you're not careful -- many liquors have different proofs, and would therefore need to be added to the gelatin in different proportions.

Another way to go is different flavored vodkas, since there's a vodka for just about every flavor under the rainbow. This is a bit better, since the proof will stay consistent at 80 and you won't get some of the texture problems brought on by thicker liqueurs.

Still, there's also an easiest choice: plain vodka for all flavors, and let the flavored gelatin do the talking in terms of the fruit bump. It's a bit less dramatic, but it makes for a consistently tasty, relatively easy to manage and visually powerful cocktail statement.

You'll need:

Four 3 oz. boxes of flavored gelatin (two blue, one red, one yellow)

3 cups of vodka

The glasses or plastic cups are up to you. With tall, soft plastic cups, you've got the opportunity to scoop / lick / drink / suck the contents out. With glasses (see the photo), you'll need to use a spoon, but it brings the class factor up. That could, of course, be a bad thing. You know your audience better than I do.

So, you'll be making five layers in total, like this:



Red (double height)  (POURED THIRD)



These layers, of course, symbolize two full, majestic rainbows.

Make the first packet of blue gelatin by mixing the powder with 3/4 cup of boiling water in a pitcher. Stir well until the powder is fully dissolved. Stir in 3-4 ice cubes until they've melted and cooled the liquid down to something approaching room temperature; then stir in 3/4 cup of vodka.

Use the pitcher to pour a blue layer into your glasses ... you should get between 4-8 large shots out of this depending upon your glasses. You'll wind up using about half your liquid. The other half will probably set up before you can pour it again for the final layer, so pour it in a bowl or use it as one-flavor shots... whatever you like.

Put the glasses in the fridge to set. This should take about 30-60 minutes.

Now make the yellow gelatin just like you made the blue. Pour your layers, careful to use only half the liquid. The other half can be kept at room temperature. You should be able to deploy it a second time before it sets up at room temperature. Cool the glasses again so the first yellow layer sets up.

Make the red gelatin. Pour a double layer on top of the yellow gelatin, and let it set up.

Use the other half of your yellow gelatin to create a second yellow layer atop your red layer. Chill it until it sets.

Make your second box of blue gelatin and pour a blue top layer. Again, you'll have about half leftover for whatever purpose you like.

Voila! Double rainbow gelatin shots. What does it mean? It means that things are about to get awesome.