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The Appetizer Trees Every Game Day Needs (No, Really)

Created February 15, 2017
Game Day App Tree
Game Day is the greatest excuse ever to make all the appetizers your heart desires. At Tablespoon, we like to take it to the next level.

Gone are the days when chips and dip would cut it for your big day of football watching. You’re going to need more to impress these days. We, the editors of Tablespoon put our heads together and came up with a killer way to serve up your football party snacks that will have everyone pulling out their phones for the ‘gram. All you’ll need is a floral cone found at most craft stores, lots of lettuce to cover the cones entirely and loads of stuff to put on them. 

Totino’s Pizza Roll Tree 

Everyone knows that pizza rolls are an automatic win on game day, but we don’t take shortcuts here at Tablespoon. After covering your cone with lettuce, use toothpicks to fasten fully-baked pizza rolls to the tree. We also added pepperoni slices and mini balls of fresh mozzarella for extra snacking potential. Serve with marinara and sriracha-spiked ranch dressing for an appetizer touchdown! 

Chicken Wing Tree 

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing with this tower of goodness. Chicken wings on a plate are delicious, so imagine how extra they’ll be when plucked from such a great height. We fastened all types of chicken to our chicken wing tree—buffalo wings, barbecue wings, and even sliced chicken tenders. Serve with a big ol’ bowl of blue cheese dressing and celery sticks if you wanna go the extra yard. 

Bloody Mary Tree 

Bloody Mary bars are so last year. Shake things up this Sunday and create a tasty masterpiece that will drop jaws. Bloody mary preferences are like fingerprints—everyone’s is different, so we wanted to make sure to stack ours with something for everyone. We covered our tree with cooked shrimp, beef sticks, cubes of all types of cheese, pickles and olives, but go crazy! The key to a good bloody Mary tree is just when you think you’ve added enough, add a little more. 

You’re all set for party food—now don’t forget the drinks!