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18 Rainbow Recipes That Will Send Everyone Over the Rainbow

We went through our extensive stash of rainbow recipes and picked the very best for celebrating Pride. Put on your party pants and let’s do this.

In our humble, rainbow-obsessed opinion, these are the best recipes to celebrate Pride Month (and we do mean “celebrate,” because many of these are jello shots). We’ve got 18 ways to eat and drink all-rainbow everything, all month long.

1. Rainbow Cherry Jigglers
We have a whole list to get through, and we’re not even pacing ourselves. Already the first items are too cute to behold, too tasty to contemplate. These sweet jelly jigglers can be made kid-friendly or adultified with alcohol.


2. Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies
Obviously we love these pretty swirled cookies, but how’s a person supposed to get through this whole list when every photo makes you stop and stare?


3. Rainbow Cake Roll
We find this one a lot more than a little hypnotizing, you feel us? (And yes, that’s rainbow chip frosting you see in there.)


4. Rainbow Fudge
The best part of this recipe is that you have to trim the edges, and then guess what? You get to eat those edges.


5. Skittles™ Rainbow Cake
Taste the rainbow, indeed! It’s almost too pretty to slice, but when you see those layers you’ll be glad you did.


6. Rainbow Pasta
How beautiful are all those colored noodles together in one bowl? And the cheese “clouds” are delightfully on-theme.


7. Rainbow Peppermint Patties
The most colorful fresh-breath makers are right here. And the only thing easier than making them is eating them.


8. Lucky Charms Rainbow Vodka
Uh-oh. It’s getting a little boozy out. Just separate those lucky marshmallows by color, add vodka and viola!


9. Rainbow Cheesecake Swirl Bars
If you’re starting to wonder, “are these people a little obsessed with rainbows, or what?” the answer is a hard yes.


10. Rainbow Pizza
The healthiest rainbow you’ve ever encountered. You should probably have a few slices before all of those rainbow shots? Just sayin’.


11. Rainbow Cakes in a Jar
Too cute to resist. But then, why would you want to?


12. No-Bake Trix™ Rainbow Bars
Does dessert get any easier than this? No, it does not.


13. Rainbow Pinata Cake
It’s a bright, beautiful, cute-as-all-get-out cake—and it has more awesome on the inside. It’s the little cake that keeps on giving.


14. Rainbow Chex™ Mix
Copy: This fun Chex™ mix is almost too beautiful to eat. We think you’ll get over that quickly though, on account of all the sweet-crunchy deliciousness.


15. Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Rainbow Roasted Vegetables
Even dinner gets the ROYGBIV treatment around here. Veggies have never looked so downright irresistible.


16. Rainbow Sprinkles Fairy Toast
With just three ingredients (hint: one of them is Nutella™) this five-minute treat is pretty much the easiest snack you’ll ever make.


17. Rainbow Waffles
Who wouldn’t want to start their day with these cheery waffles? You get a lot of bang for your effort buck, too—they look stunning but are shockingly easy to make.


18. Spiked Rainbow Ribbon Salad
Capping things off with the jello shot to end all jello shots. Happy Pride Month!


There’s no such thing as too many rainbow recipes. Browse ‘em all right here.