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The Best Rainbow Recipes for Pride Month

The Best Rainbow Recipes for Pride Month
We went through our extensive stash of rainbow recipes and picked the best for celebrating Pride. Enjoy!
By Burn The Wine


1. Rainbow Cherry Jigglers

I’m not going to make it through this list. Already the first items are too cute to behold, too tasty to contemplate. These sweet jelly jigglers can be made kid-friendly or adultified.


2. Rainbow Waffles

Look at these delicious waffles! They have tiny whip cream clouds that are seated delicately upon blue colored sky smaller wafflets! AAAAH! Not to mention they’re actually super-easy to make.


3. Rainbow Pasta

I cannot deal with how cute this all is. Look at these noodles. Look at them! They are so tasty and so so lovely.


4. Double Rainbow Pancake

Double rainbow means double the fun. These pancakes are super-bright and guaranteed to delight.


5. Rainbow Fudge

The most fun part of this recipe is that you have to trim the edges, and then guess what? You get to eat those edges. HUZZAH!

6. Spiked Rainbow Ribbon Salad

Color + booze – you really can't lose with this layered masterpiece.


7. Double Rainbow Cake Jelly Shot

Gelatin and cake-flavored vodka are the foundation of these magical masterpieces.


8. Double Rainbow Pudding

Much sprinkle. Very color. Wow. These are so simple to make and they’re so pretty they are bound to impress!


9. Rainbow Layer Cake with Natural Food Coloring

Maybe you’re like: “Hey guy, these all look awesome but I’m not so keen on food dye.” Totally okay. We’ve got you colored (ahahaha!). Check out this charmingly sweet layer cake that employs fruits and veggies to get that Pride style.


10. Rainbow Gelatin Orange Wedges

Oh nooooooo! These are too cute to exist. Why do I feel the need to eat them all?


11. Rainbow Brownies

I looked at the picture of this decadent sweetie and I screamed “NO!” because my mind could not fathom the brightness of the colors, the most nommable of flavors. Is this true life or just a sweet dream?


12. Rainbow Macarons

I’m going to tell you a secret that isn’t a secret: Macarons are flippy-floppin’ delicious. Plus, this awesome recipe has Cheerios!


13. Rainbow Donuts

Did you know in real life, like out in nature, rainbows can appear as full circles? Much like with these colorful treats, you can only see their circular formation when you stare down at them from above. There ya go – science says eat this donut!


14. Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

What these little cakes lack in size, they more than make up in cute and flavor.


15. Rainbow Piñata Cake

It’s a bright, beautiful, cute-as-all-get-out cake –AND IT HAS MORE AWESOME ON THE INSIDE! It’s the little cake that keeps on giving.


16. Rainbow Swirl Bread

It’s almost too beautiful to eat! I’m sure you’ll get over that really quick though, on account of all the yum.


17. Lucky Charms Rainbow Vodka

Uh-oh. It’s getting a little boozy out. Just separate those lucky marshmallows by color, add vodka and viola!


18. Rainbow Pizza

Yup. Pizza Rainbow Formation Go! It’s the healthiest rainbow you’ve ever encountered. You should probably have a few slices before those rainbow jelly shots? I’m just sayin’.

18. Rainbow Peppermint Patties

The most colorful fresh-breath makers are right here. The only thing easier than making them is eating them!