The Dark Knight Rises in Liquid Form

By NY Barfly
Created March 16, 2017
We expect Bat Mania to take hold of the country when the movie debuts this July, so weve concocted a cocktail or two that will transfer the action from the big screen into your glass. MORE+ LESS-

Fan boys (and girls!) are very excited about The Dark Knight Rises, a new flick featuring the Caped Crusader.

Batman has come a long way from the days of Adam West dancing around in his spandex Bat Suit. But isn’t there something else that has come a long way since that television show? Oh yeah, cocktails.

We expect Bat Mania to take hold of the country when the movie debuts at the end of July, so we’ve concocted a couple of cocktails that'll transfer the action from the big screen into your glass.

Take a look at the two recipes below, and remember…not all old-school Batman traditions are bad. After having a few of these, it’s perfectly natural to dance the Bat-Tusi.

The Secret Ingredient: Crème Yvette

What is the one ingredient that anyone trying to make a Dark-Night-inspired cocktail must have on their utility belt? Crème Yvette. This French liqueur has recently developed a following in modern mixology circles, and it’s perfect for your bat beverage for two reasons.

One, the dark, purplish hue goes well with the Caped Crusader’s color palate (and if you have a bat suit of your own, it will match that too). Two, the complex flavors of violet petals and spices are sweet, savory and dare we say mysterious all at the same time.

Now if you’re living on the coast (east or west), you’ll find  Crème Yvette with no problem at all. But if you’re anywhere else, you may have a little trouble finding it. But before you flash your bat signal for help, take note Crème de Violette will provide the same violet flavoring.

For Bruce Wayne: The White Knight

Bruce Wayne looks great in a tux, which is lucky for him since he’s known to host posh fundraisers and shindigs at his mansion. But, there is always a little bit of Batman lurking underneath, and this very easy to make cocktail combines both sides of his persona.

Take a Champagne flute and fill it three quarters of the way (about 3.5 oz) with your favorite champagne or prosecco and then slowly pour 1/2 oz of the Crème Yvette or Crème de Violette into the champagne.

The violet settles a bit leaving the lighter coloration at the top -- the perfect mix of light and dark -- and it would be great at any of Bruce Wayne’s chic soirees.

Once the Suit Goes On: The Dark Knight

Once the Bat signal appears in the sky, that tuxedo has to come off. So, ditch the Champagne base and go with something a little more boozy and a lot more serious. We’re calling this one The Dark Knight – since it is inspired by our favorite super hero and is perfect for your nighttime gatherings.

It’s adapted from a drink called The Blue Moon, which was concocted back in the 1940’s. Take 3 oz of your favorite gin with 1 oz Crème Yvette or Crème de Violette and 1/2 oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Add ingredients to a martini shaker, add ice, and shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

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