Top 10 DIY TV Dinners

By Kimchikari
Created March 17, 2017
Make your own TV dinners. MORE+ LESS-

Postwar era America saw the rise in popularity of both the television and the desire for fast, affordable family meals.

These trends ultimately culminated in the very popular invention of the TV dinner. This frozen meal was the epitome of ease. A single-serving “well-balanced” meal presented in perfectly portioned divided trays that had everything- the meat, the veggie and sometimes a dessert.

While TV dinners have fallen slightly out of popularity in recent years, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the classic meals of the TV dinner days of yore.

Here are our versions of the top 10 TV dinners. And we promise not to judge if you eat them in front of the TV!


1. Chicken Fingers

The best part of the chicken finger is the breading. But skip the breadcrumbs and use pretzels! You’ll love these Pretzel Crusted Chicken Fingers; perfect for dipping in mustard or cheese sauce.


2. Meatloaf

This recipe is a spicy, sweet twist on an age-old classic. One taste of the adobo sauce and you’ll know why this is Not Your Mama's Meatloaf!


3. Corn Dogs

Corn Dog Pops are a great way to enjoy a TV dinner favorite in cute bite size form. Slather them in mustard or ketchup and feel like a kid again!


4. Salisbury Steak

When you think TV dinner, you probably think Salisbury steaks, and this one’s a doozy- Herbed Salisbury Mushroom Steaks made with juicy, savory ground beef and topped with rich gravy!


5. Macaroni and Cheese

This creamy Roasted Garlic Macaroni and Cheese by Just a Taste gives macaroni and cheese a shot in the arm with the sweet, caramelized flavor of an entire head of roasted garlic!


6. Chicken Wings

Enjoy a feast of little Coca-Cola Chicken Wings smothered in bold sweet and spicy sauce. The secret ingredient is the soda!


7. Personal Pizza

Chow down on some meatza with these Double-Meat Personal Pizzas!


8. Sliders

Mini meaty burgers always make a tasty meal. Especially if they’re the Cheddar Bacon Onion Sliders by The Little Kitchen! (Her secret is to cook the onions with the meat!)


9. Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken Fried Steak with Garlic Cream Gravy is not actually chicken, but it is delicious. Douse it in creamy, garlicky gravy and you’ve got the makings of a Southern fave.


10. Tater Tot Hot Dish

You don’t have to be a Minnesotan to love this classic Midwest meal. And this Tater Tot Hot Dish by Mrs. Schwartz’s Kitchen uses all the comfort food staples- meat, veggies and cans of creamed soup. Top with some tots, heat and serve. It’s a dish full of love!