Vote Now in The Munchies People's Choice Food Awards!

By Guest Blogger
Created March 20, 2017
The Munchies People's Choice Food Awards
Vote now for your foodie faves in The Munchies People's Choice Food Awards! MORE+ LESS-

From chefs to food destinations and everything foodie, check out the The Munchies People's Choice Food Awards, then vote for your faves daily!

In the first of a series on The Munchies, host and TV personality Andrew Zimmern explains why he's involved in this super cool event. Don't forget to vote!

Are you one of those food-fab types who lands on cooking shows or chef contests when you're surfing on your computer or TV? The Munchies wants YOU!

Or maybe you're a foodie at heart – somebody who grabs some friends and heads to the nearest place that serves up your kind of eats, treats, java or brew. The Munchies wants YOU TOO!

Tablespoon caught up with Andrew Zimmern, TV personality, chef and host of The Munchies People's Choice Food Awards. 

Read on and see how you can be a part of food history!


TBSP: Andrew – explain to us – what exactly is The Munchies?

AZ: The Munchies People’s Choice Food Awards is a food competition that takes place totally online. It's a national vote to determine the ‘best of the best’ in the world of food.  With 20 different categories that range from Tastemakers (Chefs, TV personalities, etc.) to Destinations (Coffee Shops, Craft Breweries), and everything in between, our expert panelists have nominated 5 worthy candidates in each category.  Then – here's the cool part – you get to vote for your faves daily from now through March 31!


TBSP: Why are you involved?

AZ: I wanted to help get everyone talking about great food and awesome places, but to also stay true to the idea of a popular vote. But – here's the big thing – I wanted to envelop it all in a comfy sweater of expertise so it's real but also credible. was thinking the same thing, and off we went. I love the way we salute so many food folks across a wide swath of the American culinary scene. It's democracy in action!


TBSP: How long has The Munchies been going on?

AZ: This is the third year of The Munchies awesomeness! 


TBSP: What’s changed this year?

AZ: The program is bigger than ever — we’ve expanded our expert panel to include 41 people from all walks of the food world. We launched voting yesterday, February 23, with a live event at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. So cool!


TBSP: What category are you most excited about?

AZ: I like ice cream. So if that's your thing too, go VOTE! And then stay tuned for the results!


TBSP: Other than The Munchies, what have you been up to lately?   

AZ: A new season of Bizarre Foods premieres March 24th at 9 EST/PST, 8CST. My website,, continues to grow and grow. I am a new chef-in-residence at Food & Wine Magazine, and we have a bunch of new TV projects I am working on for early 2015. It's always crazy busy and fun in the world of food!


TBSP: How do people vote?

AZ: It's easy! Just go to The Munchies page on and do your thing! And remember – you can vote daily! Winners will be announced in early April.


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