What to Eat While You're Binge-Watching the “Gilmore Girls” Revival

Created March 15, 2017
Pour yourself some coffee, coffee, coffee, grab a comfy seat and dig into any (or all, in true Gilmore fashion) of these non-Luke-approved recipes. MORE+ LESS-


We don’t know what you’ll be doing the day after Thanksgiving, but Team Tablespoon will be on our sofas, basking in the glory of new “Gilmore Girls” episodes on Netflix.

In honor of the perpetually hungry Ladies Gilmore and their many, many favorite foods, we offer a short (“short”) list of “Gilmore”-inspired recipes, paired with some of the best food-related quotes from the beloved show.


Rory: "Luke's gonna be completely out of doughnuts by the time we get there."

Lorelai: "I don't why he won't just buy six extra sprinkled ones."



"I would like a cheeseburger, with a side of cheeseburger, and see if they can make me a cheeseburger smoothie." - Lorelai



Rory: "Okay, our house is burning down, and you can save the cake or me. What do you choose?"

Lorelai: "Well that's not fair. The cake doesn't have legs."



Lorelai: "Why should we date?"

Max: "Because we're attracted to each other."

Lorelai: "I'm attracted to pie. It doesn't mean I feel the need to date pie."



Lorelai: “Hey, I should bring steak sauce, right?”

Rory: “For what?”

Lorelai: “Pizza.”


DIY Pop-Tarts

"The pop-tart tasted like freedom and rebellion and independence." - Lorelai


Pot Roast

Rory: “You should walk down the aisle to Frank Sinatra, with a huge bouquet of something that smells really good.”

Lorelai: “Pot roast!”



Paris: “The smell of these tacos is making me nauseous.”

Lorelai: “No, no, no, that’s the quart of Patty’s non-FDA-approved Founders’ Day punch you drank last night. Eat a taco.”

Rory: “Oh thank God, hangover food.”

Lorelai: “That’s my little college girl.”


Chinese Food

"Hey this is gonna be great. You and me and a freshly painted apartment, no men--just lots and lots of Chinese food." - Paris



"Okay, this is insane. So you guys had a fight, big deal. You know you're gonna make up anyway, and what better day to make up than Danish Day, the happiest of all days. The day when we all say, 'hey, let's forgive and forget over a nice Danish and a cup coffee.'" - Rory


Tater Tots

Lorelai: "You want tater tots also?"

Rory: "That's a rhetorical question, right?"


Dessert Sushi

"I'm telling you: the invention of dessert sushi is gonna make us our first million!" - Lorelai



“I love pudding. I worship it. I have a bowl up on the mantel at home with the Virgin Mary, a glass of wine, and a dollar bill next to it.” – Lorelai


Deviled Eggs

Jess: “Someone devil-egged my car?”

Luke: “Well, that is paprika.”

Jess: “Someone prepared deviled eggs to throw at my car?"


Copycat Orange Julius™

Emily: "I'll try this."

Lorelai: "Ah, Orange Julius."

Rory: "A classic."

Emily: "Oh, my. That's very good. Your father and I know a man who owns a couple dozen of these stands as part of his holdings. Now I can sincerely tell him I like his product."


Magic Risotto

Sookie: “I found a party that had ordered practically everything on the menu including—“

Lorelai: “The magic risotto!”

Sookie: “Yes, the risotto and a Riesling. Ha! A Riesling.”

Lorelai: “Why not just drink battery acid?”


Movie Night Snacks

"Do you want to come over? We're ordering pizza. We've got a movie. The neighborhood's got a pool going to see who falls into a sugar coma first. I'm the favorite. It might be fun.” – Lorelai