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What to Make with Leftover Rotisserie Chicken

By Pie Squared
Created March 15, 2017
rotisserie chicken
One bird, multiple meals. Use leftover rotisserie chicken in a variety of ways! MORE+ LESS-

Day 1: crispy skin, tender meat, two drumsticks, and the chance to carve that chicken like a Norman Rockwell painting.

Day 2: admit it—the temptation to order in strikes.

Put that phone down! There’s another meal to come from that bird, and if you use one of our awesome leftover/do-over recipes, it just might outshine the first meal.


1. Creamy Key Lime Chicken Enchiladas

There’s a stealth tartness in the mix, and you won’t believe where it comes from. Love creamy, decadent enchiladas? Read on.


2. Rotisserie Chicken and Bow-Tie Pasta

Here’s a fast track to restaurant-quality pasta Alfredo, with frozen peas, jarred sauce and the chunks of rotisserie chicken that you were tempted to toss. Aren’t you glad you found this first?


3. Chicken Taco French Bread Pizza

Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday met and had a beautiful baby, and it looks like this: Southwestern spices on your chicken, plus a no-work French bread crust. That’s amore, amigo!


4. Baked Chicken Taquitos with Green Chiles and Avocado Yogurt Dip

Those cute taco rolls you order when you’re out? You can totally make them at home, and they’re extra easy thanks to that half-a-chicken in the fridge. Game on!


5. Easy Boneless Buffalo Wings

Each bite-sized nugget is a marvel, especially dipped in your own doctored-up dipping sauce. No bones about it!


6. One-Pot Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Pasta

Another Mexitalian masterpiece: our one-pot pasta with shredded rotisserie chicken, corn, beans, and a hit of enchilada sauce spicing it all up!


7. Chipotle Chicken Grilled Cheese

Sometimes, the most simple ideas are the most brilliant. Like assembling these sandwiches: chipotle spread meets chunks of chicken meets cheese meets the oven. We’re talking eyeballs-rolling-back-in-the-head good.


8. Cheesy Chicken and Bacon Rollups

Need a fancy appetizer, fast? Whether it’s jetting to an impromptu potluck or adding a course to tonight’s dinner, these are ridiculously easy, with shredded fillings in roll-up croissants done in a half hour.


9. Green Chile Chicken Tamale Bake

Sometimes, a gooey casserole is the ticket to culinary bliss (and ultimate comfort food satisfaction). Shred that extra chicken into this cornmeal-and-chile baked delight. Holy olé!


10. BBQ Chicken Pinwheel Bake

It’s kind of like a cinnamon roll, except it’s totally a main-dish experience: use crescent rolls as the base for rolled-up, baked-in BBQ chicken—totally finger-licking worthy.


11. Impossibly Easy BBQ Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches

What makes traditional pulled meat sandwiches so fantastic is that they’re always topped with a contrasting, crispy-enough-to-hold-up-to-the-meat slaw. This recipe does the classic flavor right, plussed up with a Dijon slaw sauce and cheese-infused biscuits.


12. Buffalo Chicken Balls

Make a batch of these, and the appetizer dish will only go ’round once. That’s because nobody can resist the spicy/cheesy meatball flavor each bite delivers straight to the taste buds.


13. Easy Chicken Ten Minute Nachos

10 minutes? That’s no time to wait for the cheesy perfection that is shredded chicken nachos. Except for when it’s the longest ten minutes of your life. Because you have to wait for the cheesy perfection that is shredded chicken nachos.


14. Curried Thai Chicken Potato Soup

The secret to the fresh, authentic flavor is the bright notes of cilantro, ginger and basil. Squeeze some lime on at the last minute, and proceed to dine divine.


15. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Flatbread

This flatbread is an incredible combo of contrasts: crunchy/smooth, creamy/crisp, spicy/sweet. We predict the end result to be: love/love.