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Chex Mix™ Snack Shooters

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  • Prep 15 min
  • Total 15 min
  • Servings 6
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Cupcake shooters - they're not just for cupcakes anymore - they hold a perfect little assortment of Chex Mix™, honey roasted peanuts, dried cranberries and yogurt raisins. What will you put in yours?
by: Michelle Palm
Updated Oct 6, 2014
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  • 2 1/4 cups Chex Mix™ Snack and other assorted snack foods like nuts, dried fruit, etc.
  • 6 plastic cupcake shooters
  • Each cupcake shooter holds about 6 tbsp of assorted snacks


  • 1
    Assemble the cupcake shooters if necessary (mine came in pieces!).
  • 2
    Layer the Chex Mix™ and snacks in the shooters, a tablespoon at a time.
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More About This Recipe

  • Here’s the scene at my house on Thanksgiving. We’re waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven.  And waiting.  And waiting.

    The lovely little phyllo hors d’eouvres, set out an hour or two prior, are looking a touch wilted, as is the cheese plate, which has been winnowed down to a sad, rather rind-y sliver of brie and a few grapes. The game is on, kids are running around, and more snacks are clearly needed. Enter, Chex Mix Snack Shooters! I find these kinda brilliant – a snack that is not only wilt-proof, but also portable – traveling from the kitchen to the TV room to the farthest reaches of the house with ease. And they are a perfect assortment of all things good and snack-y, salty and sweet!

    Thanks to the Great Mini-Cupcake Shooter Frenzy of 2011, I also had 80+ shooters on hand. You may find yourself in similar straits, and if not you, it’s likely that a friend, family member or neighbor is struggling with the remnants of a similarly sized giant carton of shooters left over from little Suzie’s birthday bash or Betsy’s wedding shower. You can also find them for sale online, including Cupkate’s Event Design (package of 10) or Kerekes (package of 100).

    The shooters hold about 6 tbsp of assorted snacks. I like diversity in my shooter snacks. On the savory end of the spectrum, I used Chex Mix (Cheddar flavor) and corn nuts.

    On the sweet side, dried cranberries and yogurt raisins. I also used honey roasted peanuts, however I consider these to be a double agent – already salty AND sugary by their very nature.

    To put these little guys together, first construct the shooters, if necessary. Then, just layer the Chex Mix and various snacks in, a tablespoon or at a time.  I tried for layers of orderly, contrasting stripes – however you could also mix everything up in a bowl and then load the shooters. Bam. You’re done!

    While the shooters have many delightful attributes – including variety of tastes, durability and ease of preparation – my favorite part is that they can be assembled well before the actual Day of the Turkey. So, CHEX CHECK – one snack down, and one less holiday day to-do!

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    Hope you enjoy!

    XO, Michelle

    Michelle Palm created the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen blog after discovering a lack of cocktail-style jelly shot recipes. Look for her posts here, and check her Tablespoon member profile often to see what she’s already gelled up!
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