Donut Seeds

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Donut Seeds
  • Prep 5 min
  • Total 5 min
  • Servings 6
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This is not so much a recipe as a fun idea and free printable to make your Cheerios™ extra fun. What young mom does not have a bag of Os in her purse?!
by: Gourmet Mom
Updated Apr 11, 2017


  • Labels doughnut seed
  • 6 sandwich baggies
  • 4 cups Cheerios™ cereal


  • 1
    Place 2/3 cup original Cheerios™ brand cereal in each baggie.
  • 2
    Attach doughnut seed label with double sided tape or stapler.

Nutrition Information

No nutrition information available for this recipe

More About This Recipe

  • There's just something about Cheerios that moms everywhere can relate to. Here's one mom's story of how she first introduced her tot to Cheerios. On any given day you’ll find a few Cheerios under our kitchen table. But, for some reason I don’t mind. Instead of feeling upset that my kids are messy eaters, I see little pieces of possibilities… When our daughter was a baby, we were fascinated as we watched her first milestones. I distinctly remember when we thought she was ready for “big girl” food: Cheerios! I carefully placed a few on her high chair tray and put one up to her mouth. She very adamantly pushed my hand away! I couldn’t believe it and tried once more. Again she refused me so I sat back, a little hurt, and watched her. Looking me straight in the eye as if to say “I’m a big girl now, Mom!”, she picked up the Cheerios one by one and fed herself. A sense of pride went through me -- she was growing up! Suddenly, her life flashed forward in my eyes and I saw her learning to ride a bike, surviving junior high, driving a car, going to college, getting married and being a mother herself. She was going to be gone before I knew it! It made my heart break just a little bit. I sat there watching her, feeling a strange mixture of pride and despair, as she picked up each little Cheerio with determination. The happiness and pride on her face for her newfound independence struck me with an amazing realization…I knew she would face every obstacle and milestone in her life with the same determination and pride. All of a sudden I quit feeling sorry for myself and instead felt humbled and honored that I could be there by her side every step of the way. So, each time I walk by the table, those little Cheerios remind me of that day, and I smile to think of all the milestones we’ve shared since then. I’m excited to face a future full of possibilities with her!
  • To celebrate the fact that all our children are full of possibilities and can grow up to be something wonderful, we’re munching on “Donut Seeds”! You can download the free printable baggie topper, add some Cheerios and enjoy a snack full of possibilities.
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