Slow-Roasted Shredded Pork

slow-roasted shredded pork Entree
Slow-Roasted Shredded Pork
  • Prep 10 min
  • Total 7 hr 10 min
  • Servings 4

Perfect pulled pork that takes a little more effort than your favorite slow cooker version, but tastes 10 times better. MORE+ LESS-

Updated March 8, 2017


pound pork shoulder (Boston Butt), bone in
cups orange juice
sprigs cilantro
cloves garlic
tablespoon chipotle powder
teaspoons black pepper
teaspoons cumin
Pinch cinnamon
Pinch clove
teaspoon salt


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  • 1
    Blend all ingredients in food processor. Pour over pork, marinade overnight.
  • 2
    Dump pork and marinade into oven safe pot uncovered. If needed, add a little water so the liquid goes about 1/4 up the side of the pork. Bake at 275°F for about 7 hours until browned on the outside and falling apart. Shred with forks or hands.

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More About This Recipe

  • Every time I mention pulled pork to someone, they reply with a variation of the same sentence: “I have a great slow cooker recipe where I just add pork and X (root beer, BBQ sauce, etc.) and it comes out amazing!” I have nothing against these recipes. They work. They create very serviceable shredded pork that fits hectic schedules and tastes pretty decent on a bun with cole slaw. The main two issues I have with these recipes are 1) the pork becomes a little overcooked and very uniformly textured, and 2) the sauce is extremely sweet, resulting in a lot of sugar intake! With only slightly more effort, you can make shredded pork that has varied textures, charred edges, smoky-sweet-slightly exotic flavors, and actually tastes like pork and not sugar!
  • This slow-roasted pork recipes will result in some delicious shredded pork that you can use for anything! The first night I made shredded pork arepas stuffed with pickled carrots, roasted poblano, and queso cheese. Yum! What else can you do with all this pork? I’m glad you asked! The second night I had this pork in my fridge, I made these little habanero poppers. You could add a little BBQ sauce and serve it as a slider with homemade pickles, toss it on a pizza or nachos, in tacos), in a quesadilla or empanada. Or you could get really creative and put it into a ravioli or stuffed shells. I even had pulled pork stuffed into an olive at a recent tapas dinner I attended! The possibilities are endless and they're all delicious.

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