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Pumpkin Pie Jelly Shot

Baker Peabody Recipe by

Pumpkin Pie Jelly Shot

A favorites of fall in jelly shot form.

  • Prep Time 15 min
  • Total Time 3 hr 15 min
  • Servings 10

Pumpkin Pie Jelly Shot  

As prepared by Baker Peabody

Fall is here whether you want it or not…and I want it!

Crisp nights, leaves crunching under my feet, big sweaters, hot tea, cuddling under blankets, and of course, all things pumpkin…including drinks. You’ve got your pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie shakes, and now a Pumpkin Pie Jelly Shot.

Once grownups see these Pumpkin Pie Jelly Shots, they'll want to wait up for the Great Pumpkin too.  While they may be chilled, they are sure to warm you up. Yoplait yogurt is added which makes them a hybrid between a jelly and pudding shot. And if you are saying to yourself, "Pudding shot?" You so need to change that from a question mark to an exclamation mark (visit Cookie and Cream Pudding Shots for a good intro recipe on pudding shots).

I’ve given you two options for making the jelly shots. The first one is in molds. They make for great presentation, but they can sometimes get stuck (and that makes me nervous) and you need to have a lot of molds. Also they can get big. The molds I used to make mine were about cupcake size, which is a tad large for a jelly shot. So I filled them only half way up. They produced a very cute shot!

The other option is pretty much what I have come to associate with jelly shots and that is the little plastic condiment cup. But of course, I had to spiff those up a bit. So the idea of adding the chocolate chew candy and some green frosting worked really well in my opinion. In fact, when served at a party, more people went to the cups than the molds.

To make these fun jelly shots:

Pour water in a saucepan, sprinkle with gelatin. Allow gelatin to soak for a few minutes. Heat over very low heat until gelatin is dissolved, stirring constantly (approximately 5 minutes).

Pumpkin Jelly Shot

Combine yogurt, pumpkin puree, spices, food coloring and simple syrup in a medium sized bowl.


Pumpkin Jelly Shot

Pour the water/gelatin mix over it and whisk until fully combined. Stir in the vodka.


Pumpkin Jelly Shot

Pour into the molds.

Pumpkin Jelly Shot

Or pour into the condiment cups. Let sit in the refrigerator until fully set up. This usually takes a few hours.

Pumpkin Jelly Shot

Add a chocolate chew candy and green frosting to finalize the jelly shot cup. If molds were used, remove and place on a serving plate. Add pumpkin vines and leaves for a full pumpkin effect.

Make sure to add Pumpkin Pie Jelly Shots to your fall festivities!!!

Peabody loves ice hockey (she plays!) and all things baking! Check out her great stuff at her blog site Culinary Concoctions by Peabody and her Tablespoon profile. Keep an eye out for what she can do with party food!

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Pumpkin Pie Jelly Shot


cup water
envelopes 2 unflavored gelatin
cup Yoplait® Original Yogurt, French Vanilla
tablespoons simple syrup
tablespoons pumpkin puree
teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
cup vodka
pinch orange food coloring gel
frosting for leaf/vine decor
chocolate candies (if making in condiment cups)


  • 1 Prepare the molds with a light application of cooking spray. Wipe the cavities clean with a paper towel. This will make it easier to remove. If using the more traditional condiment cups, you will not need to spray them.
  • 2 Pour water in saucepan, sprinkle in gelatin. Allow gelatin to soak for a few minutes.
  • 3 Heat over very low heat until gelatin is dissolved, stirring constantly (approximately 5 minutes).
  • 4 Combine yogurt, pumpkin puree, spices, food coloring, and simple syrup in a medium sized bowl.
  • 5 Pour the water/gelatin mix over the yogurt mixture and whisk until fully combined.
  • 6 Stir in the vodka.
  • 7 Pour into a mold or condiment cups. Let sit in the refrigerator until fully set up, which will take a few hours.
  • 8 If using molds, pop the shots out of molds. Place on a plate and decorate with frosting to make leaves. If you are using the condiment cups, add green frosting vines and leaves and top with a brown candy on top to form a stem.
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