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How to Throw a "Bon Voyage" Party

Updated April 13, 2020
Have a friend relocating overseas for a job? Student headed away for college? Whatever the reason, celebrate with a farewell party that says bon voyage and best of luck.

Have a friend relocating overseas for a job? Know students headed away for college? Or are you yourself taking off across the country for a long trip? Whatever the reason, celebrate it all with a farewell party that says bon voyage and best of luck. It’s the perfect occasion to reminisce about old times and look forward to the travels ahead with our food and going away party ideas. Arrivederci!

Invitations + Decor

Is your friend bound for Paris? Send out invitations in the form of postcards from the “City of Lights”—or wherever the future home of your guest of honor will be. If you can’t find postcards (check vintage stores or online), farewell party invitations that resemble passports or boarding passes also set a great tone for celebrating your world traveler.

Whether you’re sending a friend off to France or Florida, the new location is the perfect theme for your bon voyage party—though you want to start with a big banner at your door saying “bon voyage” or a similar sentiment in whatever language your guest of honor will be using shortly.

Farewell Party Food

caprese polenta bites

Your goodbye party food choices will depend on where your guest of honor is headed. Off to Italy? Set up an Italian-inspired fête with berry Bellini cocktails, caprese bites and decorations in red, white and green. Headed to Las Vegas? Then of course, you’ll host a casino party. Or China? Decorate with a variety of colorful paper lanterns and serve traditional Chinese cuisine. Use your new locale as a guide not only for decorations but also food.

Enjoy the Party

Make sure to record memories of the “bon voyage” party by taking lots and lots of pictures—especially of the jet-setting guest of honor. Set up a station where guests can write a special message or memory on a postcard, then hang it up with a clothespin. This also makes a neat collection of messages your traveling friend can take along—and they barely take up any room in a suitcase.

Bon Voyage Party Favors

mexican chocolate truffles

While there will probably be some hugs and tears, close out the party and bid “adieu” with a bang by sending friends home with a little something to celebrate their destination country. Whether it’s fortune cookies, Parisian chocolates or English jams, your guests will appreciate a sweet something to take home!