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Everything You Need to Celebrate Your BFFs this Galentine’s Day

Created January 6, 2020
Galentines Day Brunch Table
Whether you’re single or cuffed this Valentine’s day season, you can always celebrate the women in your life that make it amazing!
It’s that time of year—time to celebrate your besties. If you’re looking to throw a party that’ll really applaud those friends of yours that you can’t live without, here’s what you’ll need to do it up right.

What is Galentine’s Day?

Galentine’s Day falls every year on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. The concept was originally introduced in an episode of the TV show Parks and Rec, where the character Leslie Knope throws a breakfast party to celebrate her closest female friends. They celebrate with personalized gifts, an exchange of memories and copious waffles all around. Since the airing of the episode back in 2010, the concept of Galentine’s Day has taken off, with groups of women adopting the idea and throwing their own celebrations with lady-friends.

Galentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the women in your life who hold you up and empower you. And what better way to say, “Back atcha, friend” than with laughs, drinks and good food?

The Food

Since Galentine’s Day originated as a breakfast party, you’ll want to serve brunch- and breakfast-type dishes at your party. Waffles are always a good choice, as they’re a nod to the character Leslie Knope’s favorite breakfast food. Since Galentine’s Day falls right before Valentine’s Day, it also makes sense to serve any pink-hued foods as well as anything sweet in flavor. Here’s what we’d serve as part of a Galentine’s Day spread: 

Check out our sweetest Valentine’s Day desserts if you’re still craving a treat.

The Drinks

Check out our complete lineup of Valentine’s Day drink ideas if you’re still feeling thirsty.

The Gifts

Part of the appreciation aspect of Galentine’s Day is shown through gifts. You can make your get-together gift-optional or not, but if you do opt for gift-giving, stick with small items that are intentional. These can be anything handmade, personalized items like a mugs, t-shirts or small pieces of jewelry, or some kind of candy or food item you know your friends will love. Galentine’s Day gifts aren’t meant to be extravagant, but rather, thoughtful—a reflection of what you love about your friend.

If your party is a no-gift event, you can share good thoughts instead! Exchange favorite memories of each other, share what positive qualities you see in each other or talk about what you’re looking forward to doing together in the future. Galentine’s Day is meant to celebrate your friends—so do just that!