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16 Awesome Cranberry Recipes That Don’t Come in a Can

Updated July 12, 2018
Every Thanksgiving feast needs a little cranberry action, but canned cranberry sauce served with turkey isn't the only way! Cranberries and cranberry sauce can be and can do so much more. We’re here to tell you that appetizers, drinks and desserts matter, too! Sweet and tart, you can bake it into a cobbler, mix it into a refreshing cocktail or layer it over cream cheese for an easy dip. However you find a way to bring cranberries into your holiday meal, we’re here with 16 recipes that’ll make sure you get the most out of those pretty red berries. MORE+ LESS-
Whether it’s stirred into a drink, added to a sauce or layered into a dip, it’s clear that cranberries are a must-have on any Thanksgiving or holiday table. While fresh berries are great, if you can’t find them, a bag of frozen berries will do just as well and canned whole berry sauce can work in a pinch, too. The important thing is to remember that cranberries are more than just a sweet condiment to eat with turkey. It’s the perfect addition to creamy cheeses; it adds tang to cocktails and a sweet and sour note to dessert. So this holiday season, don’t forget the cranberries; in fact, better grab an extra bag or two, you’ll be using them a lot!