31 Copycat Restaurant Recipes That Totally Nail It

Updated April 25, 2019
If you’re like us, you probably have that one favorite restaurant dish that you could eat all day, every day. But whether you’re on a budget or just feeling too lazy to put on pants, dining out every day is probably not feasible, so we’ve found the perfect way to bring the restaurant to you! We've got the lowdown on all the best copycat recipes. From KFC Original-Style Chicken to Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana, you'll be amazed by these real-deal takes on your restaurant faves. And if you’re feeling inspired for more home-cooked meals, try any of our other recipes for feel good meals you’re going to love.
With easy copycat recipes that you can make from home, there’s almost no reason to dine out ever again. From breadsticks to biscuits, pastas to burgers, all the greatest hits are here. You’ll feel like you’re treating yourself to a night out every day of the week.