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8 Secretly Vegan Holiday Desserts

Updated December 17, 2018
If you’re a vegan, these desserts are for you. If you’re not a vegan, these desserts are still for you. Rich and decadent, these sweet treats are anything but boring. From a chocolate layer cake to double chocolate brownies, and pumpkin pie to oatmeal cookies, we’ve got something for everyone. So good, you’ll be surprised that these delectable desserts are completely egg and dairy-free! So get ready to dig in, because we’ve got all the vegan delights you could want and then some!
Any one of these desserts is proof enough that vegan is synonymous with delicious. Using alternative ingredients like vegan-friendly sugars, non-dairy milks and other special substitutes, you can create pies, cakes and cookies that will rival any dessert out there. The proof is in the vegan pudding cake!