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The 5 Best Fish to Grill

Updated February 4, 2020
Forget burgers and hot dogs! We try to maximize grilling season for as long as we can, and since we can only eat so many ribs, ribeyes, burgers and dogs, we’re changing things up with a lighter, fresher option from under the sea: fish!

Salmon, snapper, swordfish—the possibilities for grilled fish are endless based on preparation method, seasonings, marinades and personal tastes, but that doesn’t mean every type of fish is good for the grill. Certain fish are better left to the indoor chef and alternative cooking methods. Fish types like cod, tilapia and flounder may be too delicate to toss on the grill. However, there are plenty of other varieties that are able to stand up to both the intense heat and smoky flavor of the grill, and we think you should make them! You can start with our top five favorites:


The oily fish has become quite the staple in American households thanks to its versatility and health benefits. Its distinct flavor lends itself well to the smokiness of the grill and can be seasoned to your liking. Find out everything you need to know about how to grill fish here.


Nope, we’re not talking about the funky smelling canned stuff here. We’re talking about thick, fresh cuts of tuna steaks that you can season liberally and throw on the grill without worrying it’ll fall through the grates.


A hearty red snapper may become your new summertime go-to. This restaurant-worthy white fish can take on the grill even when cooked whole. The skin helps to prevent the meat from getting overcooked so it’s pretty much foolproof.


Mahi-mahi is a dolphin fish, but don’t worry, it has no relation to your favorite aquatic mammal. Not only is this seafood one of the more sustainable options out there, it’s also meaty and delicately flavored.


Of all the types of fish you could grill, swordfish is arguably your best bet. It’s firm which means you’ll get great grill marks and better yet, it tastes great, no matter if you go simple with seasoning, olive oil and lemon, or go all out.