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9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Tofu

Created January 31, 2019
Whether you’ve dabbled in the world tofu or not, these recipes are guaranteed to make a tofu fanatic out of anyone. But what’s the secret to cooking tofu? Is it marinating? Grilling? Stir-frying? The answer: all of the above. We’ll not only show you how to cook tofu, but we’ll demonstrate the easiest ways to transform this plain bean curd into some of the tastiest dishes ever.
Not only are these some of the best tofu recipes around, but they’re proof that tofu doesn’t have to be bland and it doesn’t have to be for vegetarians only. A great source of protein, tofu takes on the flavors of whatever dish it’s added to. And whether you grill it, sauté it or stir-fry it, the texture of tofu can be transformed into almost anything you want, making this versatile ingredient a must-have in your refrigerator.