Bottle of Wine Lying Around? Here’s the Best Dinner to Pair It With

Created July 1, 2019
Let us be your own personal sommelier. You bring the wine, we’ll deliver on dine. MORE+ LESS-

Wine is fine on it’s own, but when it’s paired with a complimentary dinner dish, it’s perfection. Like, put your fingers up to your lips and say “mwah” perfection. And you don’t have to be a sommelier (fancy talk for wine expert) to get perfect pairings. All you have to do is dust off a bottle of wine, and leave the rest to us.

We all have different taste preferences—the classic taste buds would prefer to complement flavors, but the gutsy ones would rather explore and contrast, finding notes in their wine that will go against the taste of the dish. Whichever you are, you need to remember the universal pairing principle: You can complement or contrast, as long as the food and the wine do not mask each other’s unique flavors and characteristics.