20 Cheap Dinner Ideas For When Life Gets Expensive

Created September 4, 2018
Tightening the belt figuratively doesn’t mean you have to do it literally. With budget-friendly meals like tater tot hot dish, ramen pad Thai and bacon-ranch chicken breasts, you can still enjoy a feast without breaking the bank. MORE+ LESS-
Whether you’re cooking for one, two or for a large family, it’s always smart to budget your meals. And don’t worry, pinching pennies doesn’t mean you lose out on taste and deliciousness. Not when you have easy, cheap and delicious dinners like these. Using budget-friendly meats like ground beef helps keep cost down, while adding ingredients like frozen vegetables and canned soups are an excellent way to boost flavor in recipes without breaking the bank. Embellishing cheaper food items like packages of ramen with extra ingredients or using leftover rice and rotisserie chicken is a great way to create new, gourmet-style meals on the fly and within your budget. And don’t forget, casseroles and slow-cooker meals are perfect for making a lot of food to stretch out over a few days or to feed a crowd. So don’t worry, dining on a budget just got even more delicious thanks to these cheap dinner ideas.