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Fish for Dinner: It’s Not As Expensive As You Think

Created January 14, 2020
Cheap fish dinner ideas can be a reality—you just have to know what you’re looking for.
If you’ve thought of adding more proteins and omegas in your diet through fish, you’ve probably suffered a bit of sticker shock. At a glance, fish is expensive. Thankfully with a bit of digging and the knowledge of what you’re looking for, you can plan fish dinners as part of your weekly menu without your entire paycheck getting washed away to sea.

Frozen Salmon

More and more we’re seeing frozen salmon pop up in the freezer aisle at the grocery store. While frozen fish is never going to taste the same as fresh, it’s still a tasty and smart way to enjoy a cheap fish dinner. Here are some of our favorite salmon-based recipes—just be sure to thaw your frozen fish ahead of time by leaving it in the refrigerator overnight before you begin to cook.

Canned Fish

Canned fish has made a reemergence on the food scene, and with good reason. It’s the most affordable way to eat fish, it’s easy to store and it seemingly lasts forever. From canned sardines to salmon to tuna, there’s more to make than a tuna-noodle hotdish.


Back in the freezer aisle is our trusty pal shrimp. Able to be cooked up in mere minutes, shrimp is a painless way to get sea-based protein in your diet. Fried, steamed or seared, if you’re looking for inexpensive fish recipes, this little guy is the way to go.


If you’re looking for an affordable but enjoyable fish, look no further than versatile tilapia. Known as “aquatic chicken” because of its mild, approachable flavor. Be mindful that tilapia has a higher fat content, and sadly, not the good kind of fat. But when eaten in moderation, it’s a tasty budget-friendly way to eat fish.