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4 Ways to Kick Up Your Hollandaise

Created April 3, 2020
Eggs Benedict requires Hollandaise sauce, and you know we had to give it a twist. Here are four amazing ways to make it different.
Hollandaise is notoriously tricky to make—but it doesn’t have to be. Using a clever blender trick, we’re sharing the quickest, fastest, and easiest way to make this breakfast sauce. By starting with a bit of boiling butter, all you have to do is add egg yolks in a blender, plus a little salt and lemon juice finish it off. It’s seriously that easy! But wait—there’s more! If you add a bit of spice or other ingredients, suddenly your Hollandaise has entered a whole other level. Zest up your Hollandaise sauce four different ways with Old El Paso™ products.