10 Awesome Bake Sale Goods

By TBSP Susan
Created March 1, 2017
One of the yummiest ways schools and teams raise money is by having bake sales -- long tables of home-baked goodies with the proceeds going to fund your kids' fave activities. Here are some secrets to success! MORE+ LESS-

It's the beginning of a new school year, so gear up for upcoming bake sales with these sweet recipes.

One of the yummiest ways schools and teams raise money is by having bake sales - long tables of home-baked goodies whose proceeds will go to fund your kids' fave activities. Sounds like a total win-win, and here are some secrets to success!

Here are recipes for 10 bake sale items that will stand out among the rest.

1. Rainbow Pinwheel Cookies

Nothing catches a kid's attention like bright colors -- especially when they're showcased in cookie form. Even better, these are super simple to make 'cuz they call for nothing more than some food coloring, sugar cookie dough and sprinkles.

2. Football Cookies

It's not just back to school time, it's also football season! Serve up these ahh-dorable football cookies and watch them get snagged faster than Tom Brady in a fantasy draft. Here's a tip to keep the frosting from getting smudged: Let your cooled, decorated cookies sit out for an hour or so until the icing has hardened before packing 'em up.

3. Whole Wheat-Blueberry Muffins

Everyone loves a blueberry muffin, so give the people what they want. This version is made with whole grains, keeping with many schools' recent push to serve up healthier fare.

4. Black Forest Muffin Cakes

This mind-bending dessert will have people wondering, "Is it a cupcake or is it a muffin?" The answer: Who cares? It's delish. To make it bake sale-friendly, forget the whipped topping and drizzle some melted chocolate instead so they look irresistible on display.

5. Deep Dish Tin Mini Muffin Pizzas

Even though sweets are what bake sales are all about, you might have some folks looking for something heartier. Offer these tiny deep dish pizzas -- the triple-meat combo will be a hit with those wanting more than sweets!

6. Mini Banana Mousse Pies

Cream pies are bomb, no doubt about it. But who wants to slave away in the kitchen making dozens of tiny little mousse pies? Not you, surely. Luckily, these guys are totes easy to make -- just roll out some refrigerated pie dough, mix up some banana pudding and whipped cream - and voila! Mini banana mousse pies. Bam.

7. Lemon Mini Tarts

Looking for something sophisticated and, dare we say, elegant to serve at your bake sale? These tiny lemon tarts are absolutely perfect, because they're both beautiful and super simple to make.

8. Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

Two words: Cherry cheesecake. Little more needs to be said, but we'll add that these little guys are super adorable, and tasty, too, because they're amped up with almond extract and slivered almonds.

9. Buttery Chocolate Chip Cookies

What could be a better seller than the all-time American fave? These buttery chocolate chippers have everything a bake-sale customer wants.

10. "Juicy Lucy" Burger Cupcakes

Because every bake sale needs a cupcake, and these are totes irresistible, we've included these burger-shaped cupcakes. They're super fun, and they'll look great wrapped up - unlike those with frosting dolloped on top.