10 Ways to Use Boneless Chicken

By TBSP Susan
Created March 3, 2017
Packed with protein and low in fat, the boneless, skinless chicken breast has earned a well-deserved place as a staple in American kitchens. MORE+ LESS-

Boneless chicken breasts have become the go-to main dish for home cooks in the U.S. – and it's no wonder, considering how easy and versatile they are!

If the kids are beginning to groan at the thought of another poached chicken and veggies dinner,maybe it's time to check out your options. Here are 10 ways you can make boneless chicken breast to make it anything but ordinary.

1. Breaded

We don't mean fried here – though there's nothing wrong with serving up some Southern style chicken every now and then – as this method of cooking is easier and lower in fat than the battered and deep-fried delicacy. For instance, this Dijon-Parmesan Chicken Breast recipe is packed with flavor and uses Fiber One cereal as the breading – no deep-fryer necessary.

2. Stuffed

Make dinnertime a surprise by stuffing chicken breast with savory fillings, like in these Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Another classic is Stuffed Chicken Cordon Bleu, which takes chicken breast to a whole new plane by bringing cheese, ham and bacon into the mix.

3. Sandwich

Just grill or pan-fry your chicken breast, top it with whatever you like – from the basic mustard and mayonnaise to more refined pesto and roasted red peppers – and serve it on a bun or between two slices of crusty bread for a full meal that fits right in your hands.

4. Glazed

Glaze isn't just for cakes and donuts (don't get us wrong – we love, love, love glazed sweet too!) as it adds flavor and a pretty finishing touch to meats as well. For example, these Honey-Glazed Chicken Breasts are savory, sweet and ultra easy to make, as the glaze is a simple combination of orange juice, honey and lemon.

5. Pulled

That's right, y'all. You can make a reduced fat version of your favorite pulled pork recipe by using chicken breasts. Just slow roast your meat in a liquid – think barbeque sauce with a touch of water or even just some broth – until it can easily be pulled apart with a fork. Shred it up, season it and serve any way you like, in sandwiches, tacos or just with rice and beans.

6. Grilled

Grilling chicken breasts gives them a distinctive smoky flavor and unmistakable grill marks that will make everyone think of summertime – no matter what the temperature outdoors. In fact, this Grilled Chicken Breasts with Mandarin Orange Salsa recipe may be the perfect warm weather meal, as it combines savory grilled poultry with sweet pineapple, Mandarins and spicy chiles.

7. Picadillo

This is a dish from Latin America and parts of the Philippines that's similar to an American hash, usually consisting of ground meat simmered in a tomato sauce. This version of Apricot-Orange Chicken Picadillo is made with chicken breast and a super simple sauce based with salsa.

8. Wrap

If you're tired of the plain old sandwich, try a wrap! It's nicely portable, which may cut down on stains in the backseat if your family is in the habit of eating on the go. These Sweet n' Smoky Chicken Wraps are a yummy twist on the classic chicken sammy.

9. Curried

Too many Americans overlook curries, which are flavor-packed one-pot meals well known in Asian countries. This recipe for Grilled Indonesian Chicken Breasts is a great gateway into the wonderful world of curries.

10. Marinated

Perhaps the best way to infuse your boneless chicken breast with savory flavor is to marinate it. Marinades can be made with broth, citrus juice, soy sauce, olive oil, herbs, spice – well, pretty much whatever you think would taste good with chicken.