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13 Super-Easy Ground Beef Dinners

Keep your pocketbook and belly full with easy, delicious ground beef dinners.
By Pie Squared

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to spend less money (like 99% of the resoluters out there), ground beef is your secret weapon. Easy on the pocketbook, but still serving up the rich meaty flavor you crave, ground beef is versatile, cooks up quickly, and flavors all those veggies and other ingredients for a satisfyingly low cost meal. Bonus: this time of year, who doesn’t want a little more meat on their bones?

1. Mini Beef Ten Minute Taco Boats

A mashup of the two very best fast foods on earth: beef and tacos. So easy, you can practically make them with one hand behind your back (we don't recommend it for eating, though, due to topping spillage).

2. Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf

All the little touches that make a master-class meatloaf: oatmeal for texture, eggs for richness, garlic for flavor, and a big hunk of beef for seconds.

3. Bacon Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburger Soup

You know the saying about burgers: the higher the toppings, the closer to heaven. Same holds true with soup. The add-ons in this cheeseburger-flavored one-pot meal takes your dinner game to a whole new level.

4. Cheesy Lasagna Roll-Ups

Ready in no time, gone in even less. These individual-serving roll-ups are fabulous for dinner parties because they’re so beautiful and simple to make-ahead, you can actually enjoy your company.

5. Muffin-Tin Tater Tot™ Hot Dish Cups

Missing that warm, cozy feel-good casserole vibe? This mini-sized version serves up that comfort-food happiness you're craving, in fun servings that are great for pre-making and lunch-taking.

6. Snappy Joes on Texas Toast

Call them "Snappy Heroes”—’cuz at the end of a long work shift, nothing saves the day like a ready-to-scoop-and-love dinner.

7. Crescent Taco Twists

An awesome twist for Taco Tuesdays, this four-ingredient, 30-minute recipe packs a whole lot of fun into a perfectly sized package.

8. Potatoes Stroganoff

Get the most out of your stove time by using the rich stroganoff sauce to max that yummy potato potential. One pot and less than an hour later, it’s time to eat like a king.

9. Cheesy Nacho Beef Skillet

One more for the one-pot-wonders file: this nacho-riffic recipe substitutes rice for chips, creating a hearty, heck-yeah dish that's ready in under a half-hour. That's some kind of pronto, hombre.

10. Sloppy Joe Cornbread Cups

Presenting the family-pleasing sloppy joe, now in an ingenious muffin form so you can eat with one hand and pat yourself on the back with the other.

11. Slow-Cooker Shepherd’s Pie

It’s the mix of all comfort foods in one big bite: veggies, beef, mashed potatoes, and the best part of all: Ready and waiting at the end of a long day.

12. Nacho Supreme Pizza

Based on the nachos you love with tender taco meat, crushed-up chips, and all the gooey cheese you want to hold it together on it's fast trip from plate to belly, but now in glorious pizza form.

13. Fettuccine with Italian Tomato Sauce

Pasta made perfect. Mix up a meaty sauce using a simple list of fresh ingredients; once those tender ribbons of fettuccine are ready, your sauce will have simmered to tender perfection.