14 Foods So Awesome You Don't Need a Date

By Burn The Wine
Created February 23, 2017
14 Foods So Awesome You Don't Need a Date
Our list of great eats and drinks will have you flying solo right through Valentine's Day. MORE+ LESS-

Who says you need a date to have great Valentine's Day goodies? 

Try some of our decadent eats and drinks and enjoy yourself, whether Valentine's Day is your thing or not.

Okay, so the upcoming V-Day lovefest is totally awesome and all, but maybe you don’t wanna kick up a fuss. Maybe you want to just relax and make a little something nice for you, yourself and ... you again.

That’s why I made you this incredible list of delicious indulgences that are just as tasty solo. So, go ahead – pour a nice glass of wine and enjoy!


1. Mocha Latte Bacon Danish

These have it all and you'll have enough to last you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can't think of a single reason why not.


2. Pasta Carbonara with Bacon

Treating yourself doesn’t mean you have to go overboard and totally regret it. Try this scrumptious carbonara recipe that features the salty, savory taste of bacon but also sports healthy veggies and lower-fat ingredients.


3. Fried Ravioli with Marinara Sauce

This makes a bunch, so save up your appetite, share, or save some. But these have got to be on our all-time yum list.


4. Mini Red Velvet Cheesecakes

Behold their mini cheesecake-y glory! They’re totes pop-able so you can probably eat about five or six before you start questioning your life choices. Then you just freeze the rest! 

5. Individual S'more Brownie

Indulge! You deserve it. And this is the perfect indulgence just for you and you alone. But fair warning: It's so good, you might want to make two anyway!


6. Tenderloin Steaks with Chive ‘N Bacon Butter

Make one of these or two – they'd make amazing steak sandwiches tomorrow. Buttery bacony goodness combined with fresh chives gives these tenderloins a lovely and savory flavor.


7. Devil’s Food Cupcake

These decadent chocolate devil’s food cupcakes are made with the power of your science-oven (read: microwave), which makes them extra easy and quick so you can dive into your craving all the sooner.


8. Better than Sex Chex Mix

So rich and dreamy, full of every variety of candied chips, marshmallows and tiny peanut butter cups ... this Chex mix is a decadent, rich and crunchy treat for any occasion. (Or just because.)

9. Dipped Cream Cheese Strawberries

Spa night, anyone? Uncork the champagne and celebrate YOU. But don't you dare skip the dipped strawberries, dah-ling!

10. Pomegranate and Red Wine Sorbet

A light, bright concoction perfectly configured so you can have your booze and eat it too.


11. Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail

Get ready to spoil yourself silly with this decadent and flavorful dish. Make 'em all and have some later, or just cut down the recipe a bit.


12. Benedict Crab Cakes

A little sauce will go a long way. Just shape your cakes and cook 'em up, then drizzle them and off you go to your super happy place.


13. Quick and Easy Chicken Pot Pie

If it's comfort you're after, you found the right recipe. Dig into this warm little pot of hugs.


14. Sugar Cookie Martini

Like dessert in a glass. And, yes, you may indeed enjoy this in the comfort of your tub. With bubbles. And a really good book.