15 Mac and Cheeses You'll Fall For

By Pie Squared
Created March 1, 2017
mac and cheese hero
Macaroni and cheese is the only fall comfort food you need in your life. MORE+ LESS-

Which came first: Comfort food or fall?

It seems that cheese and noodles were invented for the same reason that autumn makes you excited to pull out sweaters and pull on knee-high socks: there's a cozy factor that can’t be beat.

Also unbeatable are these 15 recipes for gooey, cheesy, hug-in-a-bowl lusciousness, perfect for a chilly day curled up in front of a roaring TV.


1. No-Boil Mac and Cheese

No boiling, no kidding. This mac and cheese recipe is a great way to practice your roux skills (Google it and be proud of the French sauce mastery you’re acquiring).


2. Easy Weeknight Bacon Mac 'n Cheese

We know, we know, we had you at “easy”, then sealed the deal at “bacon”. But there’s one more delicious reason this will be your go-to mac, and its name is “garlic”.


3. Spinach and Artichoke Mac 'n Cheese Cups

A deliciously unexpected re-up of the classic, this heaven-in-a-cup recipe adds delectable spinach and artichoke hearts. Yep. It’s ridic.


4. Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese Cupcakes

Buffalo adds an unexpected but welcome spicy tang to these mini mac and cheese cups.


5. Greek Yogurt Mac and Cheese

Creaminess from yogurt, zest from chives; this mac takes a new dimension in flavor with zippy ingredient side-steps.


6. Mac and Cheese Soup

Perhaps another name for this soup could be “Cream of Hot Dog”. There’s no kid who can resist a steamy bowl of their favorite dish done soupy—and not many adults, either.


7. Deep Fried Mac and Cheese

No need to chase down a food truck or drive out to a rural fair. Now you can get your deep-fried fix right at home with this decadent, pan-fried fantasticness.


8. Spinach and Artichoke Mac 'n Cheese Cups

The secret to the tantalizing crust on top of the artichoke-and-spinach creaminess underneath? Well, you’ll have to click through to Chex™ it out.


9. Mini Mac and Cheese Crescent Cups

It’s a scientific fact: Everything tastes better when it’s mini-sized. Why? With these crescent-crust cups, it must be because evaporated milk and bacon pack a maxed-out one-two flavor punch.


10. Lobster Mac and Cheese

This is low-high heaven, folks. Delicate lobster paired with a four-cheese sauce, surrounded by mac that’s sopped up flavor from both. Expect dinner conversation to be reduced to “Mmmmmmmmm”.


11. One-Pan Apple Butter, Bacon and Gouda Mac and Cheese

Yeah, for real—apple butter adds a sweet dimension you’ve never experienced in a cheese sauce (think fondue on a fork). And the gouda? So good-a!


12. Three-Ingredient One-Pot Mac and Cheese

Nothing fancy. Everything amazing. Using evaporated milk to give the noodles extra richness is the trick; all you add is water and cheese for oozy melted perfection.


13. Sriracha Mac and Cheese

Two cheeses and yogurt = melt-in-your-mouth creaminess. Onion and garlic = a bash of savory flavor. Sriracha = a little kick in the pants. They all add up to a grown-up version of your childhood fave.


14. Tex-Mex Mac and Cheese

The weather’s turned chilly, so turn up the heat with some chiles—and other fabulous South-of-the-border flavors that give this dish its olé-moley.


15. 7 Ways to Amp Up Your Mac and Cheese

Just can’t get enough of that good, gooey stuff? Host a make-your-own mac-and-cheese-fest with a buffet of different mac-and-cheese varieties. Need ideas for the lineup? Funny you should ask...