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20 Best Break-Up Foods

What’s this we hear? Some fool let you escape from their love clutches? This exemplary list of tasty treats will get you through this terrible (awesome) time (of freedom).

What's In This Article

Ice Cream

1. Hot Fudge Icebox Cake
Sometimes after a break-up, you just need an easy win—like, say, a delicious ice cream layer cake that you can make with just three ingredients. “How am I doing?” you’ll respond when friends ask. “I’m doing great! Really getting back into cooking. Last night I made a whole cake!”


2. Oreo™ Brownie Ice Cream Bars
We have a surefire way to get out of a post-split funk: gaze deep into the eyes of these Oreo™-topped brownie ice cream bars, and try not to smile.


3. Fried Ice Cream Pie 
They say living well is the best revenge. And when you bite into the cinnamon-sugar crunch, gooey caramel drizzle and creamy vanilla ice cream in this pie, trust us—you’ll be living well. VERY well.


4. Sugar Cookie Butter Dump Cake
Start by turning cookie butter into cake batter, then top it with sugar cookies. Then top all THAT with vanilla ice cream, because you deserve the best of everything, dammit.


5. Guinness™ Ice Cream Floats
Putting ice cream in your beer isn’t a cry for help—it’s a flippin’ revelation.



6. Pizza Pigs in a Blanket
This little piggy just wants to hang out with you on the couch and watch another episode of Parks & Rec.


7. Deep-Dish Pizza Casserole
Don’t let the name fool you; this is deep-dish pizza, just made in a casserole dish. It’s topped with an outrageous amount of cheese, and it’s here for you.


8. Skillet Pizza Dip
This cheesy 20-minute dip is here to put a ring on it.


9. Loaded Bacon Mashed Potato Pizza
All the essential comfort foods (cheese, carbs, bacon) in one recipe, for maximum efficiency and relief when you need it.


10. Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza Bombs
Homemade, super-sized pizza rolls—because we think someone as special as you deserves them.


Fried Things

11. Fried Spinach and Artichoke Dip Balls
Each and every one of these bite-sized poppers is here to remind you that you are an incredible specimen who should never settle for an average partner—or an average snack.


12. DIY State Fair Funnel Cake 
Just like snowflakes, no two of these free-form funnel cakes are ever the same. We can’t think of a better metaphor for how special, unique and sweet you are.


13. Crispy S’mores Spring Rolls
Have you ever seen a spring roll more whimsical than this? No. And who deserves some extra whimsy in their life right now? You do.


14. Mini Blooming Onions
Fact: tiny things are adorable, and adorable things make you smile. Satisfy your need for salty, crunchy snacks and your need to smile all in one fell swoop.


15. Deep Fried Cookie Dough Bites
It’s deep-fried cookie dough, people. Do we even need to say more? If you Weird Science-d the perfect break-up food, this is what you’d get.



16. Salted Caramel-Chocolate Dump Cake
After a break-up, what better way to reclaim the word “dump” than with a gooey, chocolaty, caramel-y cake that’ll satisfy both your sweet tooth and your salt tooth?


17. Boozy Frozen Hot Chocolate
Because you probably need a drink right now, and you DEFINITELY need some chocolate.


18. Gigantic Double Chocolate Chip Cookie
A chocolate cookie as big as your heart—you sweet, wonderful, resilient thing, you.


19. Chocolate Lasagna
Make a meal out of this if you want to—and then if anyone asks, you can just say you had lasagna for dinner, and it will be the truth.


20. Coffee Mug Chocolate Cake
We should change the name of this to “Chocolate Cake, STAT!” Because sometimes chocolate cake is the only thing that will do the trick, and you need it five minutes ago.