3 Ways to Hack Your Way to an Amazing Birthday Cake

Created January 26, 2017
Cake Hacks
All of the party with half (or less) of the work. Because expending extra effort on your birthday is strickly forbidden. MORE+ LESS-

1. Don't Bake It

Why bake a traditional cake when an icebox cake will practically make itself? Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip frosting (the official frosting of birthdays) is the not-so-secret secret behind this frosty, creamy treat. 

Beat together one container of Rainbow Chip frosting and an 8-oz. tub of thawed whipped topping. Next, line a loaf pan with plastic cling wrap, pour in the Rainbow Chip mixture and press in 9-10 rows of graham crackers (long side down), plus extra half-crackers to fill up the whole length of the pan. 

Pop it in the fridge overnight and while you sleep the graham crackers will transform into beautiful cake-y layers. Finish with basically a whole jar of rainbow sprinkles (because it's your birthday and you can).

2. Dump It

We gave our beloved Oreo™ Dump Cake a birthday makeover, and it couldn't be simpler. Follow the recipe as directed, but use vanilla cake mix and pudding, plus white chocolate chips. Then finish with–what else?–Birthday Cake Oreos™.

3. Throw It Together

For the ultimate easy-assembly birthday dessert, literally throw together a trifle. It looks and sounds fancy, but it's just pieces of cake and pudding layered with whatever your heart desires—and it's impossible to make it wrong. 

We took inspiration from our Banana Split Sundae Cake and layered cubes of yellow cake and brownies with vanilla pudding, bananas, pineapple and strawberry. Whipped topping, nuts, chocolate sauce and a cherry take this over the top.