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5 Best Fish to Grill

5 Best Fish to Grill
It's easy to get caught up in making the same summer faves ad nauseam.
By TBSP Susan

Forget burgers and hot dogs – fish is awesome on the grill and much better for you.

It's easy to make the same summer faves ad nauseam. But we can only eat so many ribs and steak before it starts to weigh us down – literally and figuratively – so why not try cooking up some lighter fare on the grill?

Certain fish are better left to the indoor chef. Cod, tilapia and flounder may be too delicate to toss on the grill. However, other varieties stand up to both the intense heat and smoky flavor of the grill quite nicely. Here are our top five favorites.

1. Tuna
We're not talking smelly canned stuff, here. We're talking about thick, fresh cuts of tuna steaks that you can season liberally and throw on the grill without worrying it'll fall through the grates. This Asian Grilled Tuna with Wasabi Aioli could be enough to get your mind off burgers for a while.

2. Snapper
A hearty red snapper may also be your new summertime favorite, as this ever-popular white fish stands up to the grill well when cooked whole. The skin helps keep the tasty meat from getting overcooked, so you'll have one less concern on your mind when trying to tackle this awesome Snapper with Sauteed Tomato-Pepper Sauce recipe.

3. Salmon
This oily fish has become quite a staple in American households, as it's meaty enough to satisfy even the burliest of dudes, yet light enough that calorie-counters don't have to fear for their waistlines. Its somewhat strong flavor lends itself nicely to the smokiness that the grill will impart, and will even stand up to the spices in this Chili-Lime Grilled Salmon recipe.

4. Mahi Mahi
If you've been steering clear of this type of fish for fear that you'll inadvertently consume dolphin meat, take a breath and relax, because Mahi Mahi is unrelated to the aquatic mammal, despite its moniker of "dolphin fish." Not only is this seafood one of the more sustainable options out there, it's also meaty and delicately flavored. Try this Lime-Ginger Mahi Mahi for a light, zesty version of the grilled fish.

5. Swordfish
Of all the types of fish you could grill, swordfish may possibly be the best choice. It's very firm, which means you'll get great grill marks, and tastes great whether you go simple, seasoning with olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, or want to go all out, like with these Sweet-and-Sour Grilled Swordfish Kabobs.

Bon voyage!