9 No-Bake Dinners

By Happy Eats
Created March 6, 2017
Hot enough for ya? Don't turn up the heat by turning on the oven. Try one of our oven-free dinners instead! MORE+ LESS-

You know what they say—if you can’t stand the heat, whip up a no-bake dinner. Get ready for 9 no-bake delish dinners, all oven-free just for you.

You can make these recipes with minimal time on the stove top—and some require no cooking at all. So forget about turning on the oven and raising the heat index. “No bake” really hits the spot.


1. Creamy Avocado Tuna Salad

Omega-3s, vitamin C, protein, fiber—the list of good stuff in the teamed-up power of tuna and avocado could go on and on. Especially when you add delicious, simple to make, and absolutely no cooking required.


2. Spicy Shrimp Pasta Salad

Do it in Shrimp Time. That means it takes only a tiny amount of time to cook up big flavor with this spicy salad that takes its tasty hints from spicy shrimp sushi rolls.


3. Wheaties Crusted Chicken

This is a recipe straight from the rule of KLCS: Kids Love Crunchy Stuff. That makes this a real dinner winner. So ramp up mm-good into some maximum mm-crunch.


4. Easy Vegetable Soup

Beat the heat with an easy recipe that takes almost no time to make. With good-for-you veggies, this soup is just like Mom used to make. She’d be so proud.


5. Brie, Basil and Strawberry Quesadillas

Quesadillas may be loyal to Mexican fare, but they’re a friendly sort, ready to make friends with garden-fresh basil and strawberry, mixed in with some beautiful brie. Making new friends is just so darn good. And mouth-wateringly delicious.


6. Cobb Salad Sandwich

Cobb salads are full of good things: blue cheese, hard-boiled eggs, bacon. But it’s time you really get to know the Cobb. That’s right. Hold it lovingly in your hands, nestled into a flaky croissant, and express your ardent affections.


7. Rotisserie Chicken Salad with Cherries and Gorgonzola

The best kind of cooking is no cooking at all.  And it starts with a rotisserie chicken someone else slaved over, and ends with some fab ingredients like cherries and gorgonzola. Look at you, taking the easy way out. I always said you were smart.


8. Super Fresh Spring Salad

A good dinner starts with a good foundation. Like a fresh ingredients, all mixed together, having a tasty party. Then you add your favorites, like grilled chicken or salmon, and it’s an all-out best-friends-forever dinner bash.


9. Sun-dried Tomato and Bacon Chicken

Bacon chicken? Excuse me, but yes please. Did you say “sun-dried,” like the very essence of summertime sunshine, right on my dinner plate? Well then. This will require a second helping. Possibly a third.