9 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails To Party Down With On New Years Eve

By Pie Squared
Created March 6, 2017
Easy alcohol-free mocktails that’ll bring the party buzz without the booze. MORE+ LESS-

Easy alcohol-free mocktails that’ll bring the party buzz without the booze.

It’s your turn to throw the blowout, and the beverage plan is coming together nicely. But if you’re stumped when you get to the non-alcoholic section of the menu, it’s tempting to dial it in with bottled water and soda. Good news: friends don’t let friends host lame parties. We’re here for you, with super-delicious recipes for festive drinks, totally nifty with zero tipsy.

1. Pear Tree Punch

Such a welcome switch from the ciders and pumpkins of the season, and with pretty floating pear slices that look gourmet. Adjust the recipe to make it zippy or sweet—how sweet is that?

2. Cinnamon Cranberry Punch

The perfect balance between sparkling effervescence and spice-tinged flavor, this tangy punch is a conversation starter and thirst quencher. Just what every party needs to keep the good times rolling.

3. Sparkling Cranberry Ginger Punch

It’s the bev that’s not just a beverage—it’s so pretty, it counts as decoration too, with lovely red punch contrasting against slices of bright lime. We’ll drink to that!

4. Rosy Mulled Punches

Two punches can be made using one base recipe, so you’ll have one steamy, fragrant mulled punch for wine fans, and another for folks who’d like to stay on the dry side. Who says you can’t please all the people all the time?

5. Ginger Grapefruit Mocktail

Awesomely simple, superbly balanced: this simple two-ingredient-plus-garnish recipe tastes much more complex, with the tart grapefruit holding its own against sweet ginger ale. It’s got all the potential of becoming a house drink—and who doesn’t love having one of those?

6. Hot Cranberry Wassail

Wassail was serious business in Olde England; it was as much a part of the holidays as egg nog and ugly sweaters is to us. Bring it on back with this traditional, aromatic punch simmering on the stove.

7. Raspberry Frost Sodas

Chilling with your best buds is always better with a frothy, fruity soda, and this homemade version adds a creamy hit of sherbet.

8. Cinnamon Cider

Crazy fancy. Stupid easy. Set a few oranges with cloves bobbing in the middle of this cider, and you’ll have completely crushed the holiday beverage game. Not that it’s a competition. Except that it is.

9. Noel Spritzer

Non-alcoholic wine or apple juice, cranberry-apple juice, and sparkling water are the perfect mix for a sparkling New Year’s spritzer.