All the Camping Recipes You'll Need this Summer

By Pie Squared
Created March 7, 2017
All the Camping Recipes You'll Need this Summer
Check out these easy camping recipes and get ready to turn the great outdoors into a grand culinary adventure. MORE+ LESS-

The fresh air, the clear view of the stars, the rush of being immersed in nature: camping is the ultimate reboot. 

The only thing that makes it even better: eating as if you pitched your tent in the back 40 of a five-star restaurant. Check out these easy camping recipes and get ready to turn the great outdoors into a grand culinary adventure.


1. Campfire Crescent Dogs

Fire makes them good. Add fluffy crescent rolls to your tried-and-true dawgs for an instant upgrade to your campfire cuisine.


2. Grilled Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart Sandwich Loaf

Pre-make this sandwich loaf, and you’ll be totally ready with a satisfying, gooey meal in minutes. We’re talking girl-scout-level ready, people.


3. Grilled Chocolate Banana Melt

Want that sweet s’mores satisfaction, but need a little something solid in the mix too? Add a banana and snuggle up to your new favorite thing about camping.


4. Campfire Cakes

Something about camping makes a person HONGRY. And that means dessert is not an optional part of the meal. These decadent cakes are great to pre-make, throw on the fire, and enjoy (maybe even before you unroll the sleeping bags).


5. S'mores Brownies

Want an all-in-one s’mores solution, ready at a moment’s notice? Make these at home and pack them up, and you can be getting your s’mores on—maybe even on the way to the campground (if patience isn’t your strong suit).


6. Veggie Foil Packs Your Grill Can't Live Without

Let’s keep this simple, scouts: Wrap up any one of these inspired veggie roadies, and dinner’s just a little kindling and a single match away.


7. Grilled Corn-on-the-Cob with Herb Butter

Eat with your hands. Lick the butter off your fingers. Burn the husks. Take only pictures. Leave only footprints. Depart happier than you ever imagined.


8. Spicy Grilled Edamame Snack

Grilling edamame? Hey, anything goes when you’re out in the wild, and by all reports, the flavor of these fire-toasted beans has to be tasted to be believed.


9. Grilled Lemon and Herb Salmon Packs

A little lighter and a lot more flavorful, thanks to fresh lemon slices and delicious broth-seasoned rice. Cooks up in a jiff, and proves that even the most delicious dishes taste better over a campfire.


10. Grilled Smoky Cheddar Potato Packs

The inventor of foil packs must have been a serious camper—and an even more serious chef. Case in point: these easy-to-pack, simple-to-make, stupendous-under-a-meteor-shower potatoes.


11. Jalapeño Poppers

Bar food (and we’re talking extremely awesome bar food) while camping? Of course! And just to class things up, you’ll mix chili powder and honey with the cream cheese filling. Because. You. Can.


12. Grilled Chocolate Sandwich with Apples and Brie

All rules about proper eating and manners fly out the window when camping. So, yes, a sandwich made with chocolate makes perfect sense for dinner. And leaving any stray chocolate on your face for a morning snack, well, that’s ok too.


13. Grilled Summer Cobbler

Your favorite summertime dessert, whipped up with fresh in-season sweetness and made miles away from any wussy indoor oven. Fruit. Fire. Does it get any better than this?


14. Grilled Sweet Potato and Pepper Packs

Ultra-luscious, and packed with fresh flavor to fuel your next day’s adventures (even if they only involve a hammock, a good book, and a series of progressively longer naps).


15. Quick Grilled Pizza Quesadillas

It’s a Mexican/Italian mashup, made delicious with fire/fresh-air seasoning.


16. Oats and Dark Chocolate Granola Trail Mix

Losing steam as you’re exploring that national park or path-less-traveled is just not allowed. Pack up a baggie or two of this delicious energy boost, given a little sugary oomph from chocolate chips.


17. Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Bars

Something about hanging out with Mother Nature brings out the crunchy in us, so naturally we whip up some good-for-you breakfast bars. Ready and rarin’ to go at the crack of dawn. Just like you, right?


18. S’mores Snack Mix

Not finding the kindling quite fast enough? Here’s a way to have instant s’more satisfaction: a nice big handful of Golden Grahams™, marshmallows and mixed-up magic.


19. Camping Breakfast Burritos

Roughing it? As if. Assemble these powerhouse breakfast burritos in town, then throw them on the campfire for a few minutes once you’re deep in the woods. Breakfast—heck, any meal!—solved.


20. Cheesy French Onion Chicken Sandwiches

Gourmet that goes wherever your knapsack does. These easy-to-make, hearty sandwiches come together deliciously over a campfire, and who knows—maybe the amazing aroma will break the ice with those good-looking folks one campsite over.