An All-American Ballot Bash

By Gourmet Mom
Created March 7, 2017
Need an excuse to throw a party? It's election time, invite your friends - donkeys, elephants and others. MORE+ LESS-

No matter who you vote for, no one should make such an important decision on an empty stomach!

We are in the home stretch of a big election year and everyone seems to be weighing in with their opinion on who should be our next President.

While many of my friends have complained about seeing way too many political posts on social media networks,  I actually enjoy reading people’s thoughts about the candidates and current issues.  To me, being able to freely share our opinions is one of the greatest things about our country!

So let's get those friends together and throw an Election Day dinner party featuring some “All-American” foods!

Patriot Snacks:

This year I wanted a centerpiece that could do double duty as decoration and a fun food, so we created these cute Rocket Cereal Snacks featuring Kix and Franken Berry cereals.  They are super simple to put together, so you’ll have plenty of time to debate the current hot topics with your friends.

You can download/print the template for the Rocket tops here. Simply cut out on your favorite scrapbook paper. Here's how to assemble them:


Print your template and cut out on scrapbook paper.


Fold into a cone and glue onto the push pop lids.


Fill each push pop container with a heaping tablespoon of cashew mix.


Top with a heaping tablespoon of Kix brand cereal.


Add a heaping tablespoon of Franken Berry brand cereal.


Top with the rocket lids and serve! (To hold upright, place floral foam in a bowl or box and stick the “rockets” into it).


American Classic - Hot Dogs!

For the main course, serve up a hot dog buffet.  Grab your favorite high-quality franks, some potato rolls and have your favorite toppings on hand to make Blue Cheese Deviled Dogs, or my personal favorite: onions, sweet relish, banana peppers and hot mustard.  Yum!


Election Jelly Shots!

Show bipartisanship with these adorable Election Jelly Shots. By the end of this election season, these are most welcome. And you can make them kid-friendly by just substituting water for the vodka.


More Snacks!

Along with veggie trays and green salads, have cups of Caramel Corn for people to much on as they await the news of who will be our next President and the results of our local issues.


Hope you enjoy this easy and fun meal to share with friends as we celebrate something that makes our country great…democracy!  What All-American foods will you be serving up on November 6?