Call of Foodie: Gamer Snacks

By TBSP Kari
Created March 14, 2017
Game day snacks for the video game fan! MORE+ LESS-

It’s game day season. Time for true die-hard fans to don their favorite jerseys and cheer on their teams!

But while you can definitely get behind the excitement and enthusiasm, maybe for you “game day” isn’t about pigskins and tailgating. Maybe you’re not what some would call a “sports enthusiast.”

Okay, let’s be real—you have no idea what teams are playing or even the difference between a first down and a field goal. To you, game day means something else. You’re happier in your comfy pants, playing a classic 8-bit side scroller or fighting an epic boss battle. You’d rather rack up rupees than watch teams rack up touchdowns.

While you may not be into watching sports, what doesn’t change is the need for snacks! No “game day” is complete without sustenance. So level-up your snacks with these easy to nibble bites that’ll keep you bringing your A-game all night long.


1. Cutscene Cocktails

Sipping slushy old fashioneds is the most efficient and awesome use of gameplay breaks.


2. Bacon-Wrapped Pizza Jalapeno Poppers

Earn double points with these double jalapeno poppers.


3. Pizza Roll™ Nachos

What could possibly make Totino’s™ Pizza Rolls™ better? How ‘bout topping them with nacho fixings?


4. Sweet Achievement Chex™ Mix

Cereal, marshmallow crème, M&M’S™ and rainbow sprinkles—super snack achievement unlocked!


5. Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza Bombs

These pepperoni pizza bites are easy to pop in your mouth without losing a step in your gameplay.


6. Bacon-Wrapped Crescent Dogs

While you’re wrapped up in your game, enjoy these bacon-wrapped crescent dogs.


7. Mini Cheeseburger Cups

What if cheeseburgers were mini? And what if they were in tiny edible cups? Presto!


8. Chocolate Caramel Bacon Popcorn

Salty and sweet with a touch of bacon is what all popcorn should be.


9. Spicy Barbecue Dip and Pizza Rolls™

Power up with these Pizza Rolls™ dipped in spicy BBQ sauce.


10. Totino’s™ Pizza Rolls™ Spicy Fondue

Why use bits of bread when you can dip Pizza Rolls™ in fondue!


11. Sausage Cheese Balls

This savory snack is easy to eat and full of meaty-cheesy flavor.


12. Cheesy Pretzel Knots

These are “knot” your ordinary pretzels.


13. Spicy Mini Dogs

These mini dogs are like the multiplayer version of a regular hot dog. Everyone can enjoy!


14. Spinach Cheese Balls with Pasta Sauce

Zombies? Space aliens? Monsters? Whatever the enemy, you’ll need plenty of strength to get you through to the next level and these spinach cheese balls are just the thing.


15. Spicy Pizza Roll™ Stuffed Meatballs

You don’t need a magic key to unlock the hidden Pizza Roll™ center in these meatballs.


16. 5-Minute Pizza Roll™ Dip

Pause the game for just 5 minutes and whip up this super fast snack!


17. Buffalo Cheese Dip and Pizza Rolls™

Sports fans and video game fans can all agree—Buffalo sauce is #1.


18. Mediterranean Crescent Pinwheels

This isn’t your typical two-handed sandwich. Easy-to-eat pinwheels ensure that one hand can grab the food while keeping the other hand on the controller.


19. Bacon Chocolate Couch Potato Bars

It’s game over for all other dessert bars. These couch potato bars are the only decadent treat a gamer needs!