Create Your Own Adventure Pack!

Created January 26, 2017

This summer, do yourself a favor and feed your sense of adventure!

If you and your friends are craving something cool to do, grab a compass and a map, load up your packs with some Nature Valley bars and hit the trails at one of the many awesome national parks our great country has to offer.

There’s definitely no shortage of hiking options, and you can make it an extra special journey by helping us give some much needed park love through our Nature Valley Preserve the Parks program.

One of our majestic faves are the Smoky Mountains. If you’re looking for waterfalls, mountain streams and Blue Ridge views, The Smokies are your most-def-need-to-go destination. Famous for the Appalachian Trail, this park has many of the best hiking trails a national park has to offer.

As you forage your way through, don’t forget that you and your hiking comrades might burn through a ton of calories. So be sure to bring along a well-stocked adventure pack. Here are some snack pack must-haves to keep your hiking party on their feet.

1) Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water is the SINGLE most important thing to include in your pack. Long hours in the sun will shrivel you up like a raisin (not that there’s anything wrong with raisins…see #2), so be sure to have some H2O on hand.

2) Dried Fruit

In addition to being just downright delicious, dried fruit comes with the bonus of being super portable. Figs, dried cherries, raisins, dates and apricots provide a sweet, chewy burst of energy. If you want to get really fancy with your fruit, try this awesome Apple-Ginger Fruit Leather recipe.

 3) Granola Bars

Nature Valley granola bars are a super-delish option for taking along on a hike. They’re a pack-perfect size and come in several tasty varieties. So bring along all of your flavah faves.

4) Beef Jerky

While sandwiches can be an easy way to fill the belly, you probably want something a little less perishable. Beef jerky is the perfect little meat nugget ninja that totally puts hunger pains in their place. Wat-CHA!

5) Nuts

Big props to these little salty snack superstars. They’re easy to pop in your mouth as you’re hiking along and you can make ‘em extra super-licious by different flavors like Southwestern Spiced Party Nuts or Spicy Cashews. (Tip: add some Chex mix cereal, raisins, crumbled Nature Valley bars and dried fruit to get a nice little gorp gourmet goin’. Get totally cray-cray and add some jerky!)

With a fat snack pack on your back, you're ready to hit the trails!  Enjoy!

Learn more about the Nature Valley Preserve the Parks program.

Have a favorite hiking snack? Load us up with some more great ideas!