Halftime Cocktails to Make You Roar

Created March 7, 2017
Halftime Cocktails to Make You Roar
Celebrate the halftime show with these pop-star inspired drinks that are as colorful as she is! MORE+ LESS-

Make halftime as fun as the game with these wild and wonderful cocktails.

The word is in, rad humans. The divine Ms. Katy will be half-timing it up at this year’s Big Game.

And we could not be more excited. So excited, in fact, that we decided to break out not just one but TWO cocktails inspired by her contagious personality.

And so, lovers, we give you: The Katy Cherry and the Roar Cockail.

One is bright pink and full of bubblegum-sized cherries. Sparkly and sweet and everything we love about our Katyloo.

The second is inspired by her glorious queen-like wreath of flowers in that Roar music video. And leopard print. So much leopard print, we wish we could run wild through the streets wearing only just these drinks.

Here’s how to make ‘em!


1. Katy Cherry Cocktail

First, the cherry berry, decidedly delicious one.


The secret to making this cocktail is X-Rated™ Fusion Liqueur™. It’s bright pink and tastier than a cherry in a tutu.


Toss maraschino cherries into the bottom of a tall glass, add a little cherry juice, top with ice, then add more cherries. Two shots of X-Rated™, then finish it off with lemon-lime soda.


Now you’ve got a drink that’ll make you wanna kiss a girl. Or whatever that song says.


2. Roar Cocktail

And now for the rowdy, roaring and beautifully boozy one.


Made with Caribbean rum, coconut cream and ice, this drink comes together quickly in a blender.


Just blend it up and toss it in a leopard print wine glass. I got both of mine from our local thrift store but you could alternately serve this drink in a hollowed out coconut cup – look in the Hawaiian party section of a crafts or party store.


With a wreath full of flowers and bedecked in leopard perfection, this drink is sweet and sippable. Just what you’ll want to pump up the party as you enjoy the halftime performance at this year’s big game!