How to Host a Bangin' 4th of July Party

By Pie Squared
Created March 8, 2017
How to Host a Bangin' 4th of July Party
Fireworks, food, and fun! Our favorite tips on how to host the best 4th of July party ever. MORE+ LESS-


If you’re going to do it—and by “it” we mean host a heckuva hot Fourth party—do it up big. We pulled together some of our favorite Independence Day party ideas here. And if you want to max out the red-white-and-blue-ness of the day, check out the rest of our fireworks-worthy ideas.


1. Rock Candy Jelly Shooters

Make two batches: One sweet and simple for the kiddos, and one spiked for the celebrating grown-ups. Because who loves eating gelatin off of a stick? Everyone, that’s who.


2. Flag Jelly Shots

Chances are, your guests will have never seen jelly shots that reach this level of artistry. It might even take longer than 10 seconds for them to disappear, due to admiring time.


3. Star Piñata Sugar Cookies

The party’s on the inside of these cookies, which break open to reveal an explosion of candies! Check out the ingenious way these cookies are made, then cook up your own batch ahead of the party.


4. Red, White and Blue “Tie-Dye” Jumbo Cupcakes

Tinting cake batter to create a magical color effect makes these cupcakes perfect for serving up by the dozen – land-of-the-free, home-of-the-hungry style.


5. Red, White and Blue Strawberries

One: Strawberries. Two: Frosting. Three: Blue sugar. Fourth: ready.


6. Firecracker Cake

So many layers of red, white, and blue, people will be dazzled. And then—bam! The finishing touch: pop rock sprinkles for flavor fireworks. Yeah, you crushed it.


7. Star-Spangled Cookie Bites

The magical sprinkle: lemon drops you turn into lemon-drop sugar, so every nibble has a sweet and tart zip to it. The tang of luscious yogurt adds a filling surprise, plus they’re mini-sized so they’re easy to bring along to any picnic or party.


8. Firecracker Fruit Roll-Ups®

A fun treat for the kids at the party—and any maturity-challenged adults too. Fruit Roll-Ups® hold these sweet cake treats together and totally light up any party!


9. Easy Lemon Berry Tiramisu

Red, white and blue colors, make-ahead recipe, and traditional Italian mix of flavors: Seriously, can you think of ANY reason not to make this for your Independence Day dessert? Me either.


10. American-Style Italian Soda

Perfectly chill for party guests of any age. Stir up a simple soda using sparkling water and raspberry syrup, then add the white and blue with a spritz of whipped cream and a sprinkle of blueberries.