How to Make Easy Fourth of July Apps

By TBSP Angela
Created March 9, 2017
Having a Fourth of July bash? How to make easy Fourth of July apps without breaking a sweat! MORE+ LESS-

This year, Independence Day falls on a Wednesday, meaning that few people will get to enjoy a long weekend. Boo. But you can still have a blast even if you're just holding a Fourth of July chill session at home.

Given the likely heat and the mid-week timing, you'll want to keep things simple, right? Right. Consider serving two or three varieties of beer and a super simple cocktail, along with an array of easy apps.

Let the flag be your inspiration

Obviously, everyone is going to expect to see your pad decked out in the most patriotic of colors: red, white and blue. If you want to skip the streamers and cheesy decorations, we don't blame you. But you can still get your flag theme on by making festive apps.

Mini veggie or fruit kabobs are an awesome summertime appetizer because they're not filling and are easy as poking a skewer through a berry. For a vegetable version, try alternating cherry tomatoes, small cauliflower chunks and blue cheese. Fruit is a little easier, as you have the option of using pretty much any kind of berry (your red and your blue) with pear or apple chunks (white, duh).

This Easy Blue Cheese Dip will add a touch of blue to any veggie platter, and Warm Brie with Blueberry Chutney is a great accent to fruit and crackers.

Don't get too attached to themes

Sure, this is the time to get patriotic, but overdoing it is never good, and that goes for both tequila shots and theme parties.

This Black Bean Dip is a hearty, filling snack for party-goers, especially when you serve it up with homemade tortilla chips. Don't worry, kids, they're easy. Just cut flour or corn tortillas into wedges with a pizza cutter, toss with a bit of oil and salt, place on an even layer on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about seven minutes.

Hummus and Cucumber Bites are another good option because they're simple and fancy at the same time. The best part? You get to use store-bought hummus, so step away from the blender, grab a drink and join the party.