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How to Make Pulled Pork in a Slow Cooker

Everyone is looking to trim a few corners these days. Fortunately you can still eat well while spending less.
By TBSP Susan

Pulled pork in the slow cooker—you bet! Not only is this quick and easy, there’s not a lot of cleanup either.

Use the Right Cut of Pork

Before we delve into tips on how to make pulled pork, there are many cuts of pork that work well for the crockpot (make sure you choose the boneless offerings):
  • Pork loin roast

  • Pork chops (at least 1/2 inch thick)

  • Pork tenderloins

  • Pre-cut cubed pork
For large crowds, two to three pounds will work (pork freezes nicely after cooked); or use less for a group of four.

Pulled Pork Variations for the Slow Cooker

Quick and Easy - My favorite idea is to place a two-pound pork roast in the crockpot and slice one or two onions, placing them around and on top of the pork roast. Add ketchup, brown sugar and cider vinegar (when I made this a second time, I added some yellow mustard too). Add salt and pepper to taste, plug in the slow cooker (don’t forget this step) and pop it on high. Cook on high for six to eight hours until tender. Cooking times depend on the cut of pork you use. Turn slow cooker to low. Do not throw out the sauce.

Spice It Up! – If spicy pork is your game, beyond the ketchup, onions, brown sugar, and mustard, throw in some chili powder, garlic, cumin, and oregano. Red or green chili powder can be added for the hottest of pulled pork—remember green chili is often hotter than the red so you might want to taste a dab of the powder first to find one to your liking. Cook until pork falls apart when poked with a fork.

Barbecue It! – For delicious crockpot pulled pork, throw in your favorite barbecue sauce along with the onions and brown sugar (salt and pepper to taste) and cook on high until pork is tender.

Grab the Carving Forks and Cutting Board

Use the biggest cutting board you have and place the cooked (and very tender) pork roast in the center. Grab two carving forks—they don’t have to match. For smaller pork cuts like chops, you can use table forks.

Armed with a fork in each hand, shred the pork in a cross direction. Continue shredding until pork pieces are small enough for bun-like sandwiches.

Place the shredded pork back in the crockpot—hopefully you didn’t throw your sauce away! Turn crockpot back on high and simmer while you prepare the rest of the meal.

A Feast for Many

Pull out some heavy paper plates (for even less cleanup), utensils, cheese slices (American or Cheddar), buns of your choice and cut up some dill pickle slices—place on kitchen counter or table. Call the hungry army in and allow them to serve themselves right out of the crockpot.

In the end, learning how to make pulled pork without using the oven isn’t so hard, and the only cleaning up involved is the crockpot and a few utensils!