Make-Ahead Breakfasts

By TBSP Susan
Created March 13, 2017
Try these make-ahead breakfasts tips so you provide much needed energy for your family before they run out the door. Perfect to serve to holiday guests, too! MORE+ LESS-

Our family is big on pancakes. Not those dollar-sized pancakes, either -- the big homemade pancakes. Mmm.

Anyone can make good pancakes -- and do it ahead of time, too! Did you know you can mix up the batter with honey and some cinnamon, and put in the refrigerator overnight? This make-ahead breakfast idea only requires a little milk or water in the morning to fluff up the batter, add some oil or butter to the grill and you're all set. Fruits and toppings can easily be added during or after cooking these tasty breakfast favorites.

For another great do-ahead breakfast idea, try this amazing recipe by Quick Dish blogger, Girl Who Ate Everything:

Egg Bakes

Ever see the movie The Family Stone? If not, Sarah Jessica Parker is a not-so-well-liked house guest of the Stone family during the Christmas holiday and offers up a make-ahead egg bake (which she promptly spills on the kitchen floor the next morning). Even so, these really are simple, and even the kids can get involved.

All you need are eggs (of course), any veggies like onions or peppers, and even meats like ham or bacon bits. Just mix your favorite ingredients with the eggs, place in a glass baking pan and stick in the fridge. Some recipes have you add the egg mixture over slices of bread layered in the bottom of the pan. Either way, just mix it up the night before, then pop it in the oven once you awake from your slumber. Kids of all ages love this breakfast idea, and it's great for crowds. Put a twist on your egg bake by adding sausage and potatoes.

From Tins to Table

If your family is more of the cereal or oatmeal type, you can even do this way ahead of time and it's sort of fun! Grab some containers and use a permanent marker to designate who receives which container. Fill up with favorite cereals, oatmeal or even a bagel and all you need to do is offer up some cream cheese, jelly, milk and sugar as the hungry grab for their pre-made containers.

Ham It Up

Ham and Canadian bacon are also great breakfast ideas. You can prepare these the night before with only a quick warm-up in the microwave in the morning. Ham slices are a nice side dish to go with any egg bake or even cereal, muffins and toast.

Fruit for All

Everyone loves a yummy fruit salad, but when your eyes are half closed until that coffee sinks in do you feel like cutting up fruit? Of course you don't. Instead, cut up a healthy fruit salad in the evening and seal it in a tight container. Fruit salads go well with bagels and toast and can stay fresh up to three days with the right mix of fruit and a tight seal on the container.

Preparation is the Key

These make-ahead breakfast ideas not only save time, but also make the first meal of the day much easier.

Even hard boiled eggs are nice touches to any breakfast meal you make in advance. So get organized, make things in the evening and let your people have at it--even if the caffeine hasn't run quite reached your brain when the hunger pangs start.

Make Ahead Breakfast Recipes

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