My, My My My Sriracha

By Kimchikari
Created March 13, 2017
What makes Sriracha so magical? Its the way it can be used in literally everything. Dont believe us? Check out these 15 recipes. MORE+ LESS-

Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise…all excellent staples to have around the kitchen.

But what makes a truly great condiment? Is it versatility? Is it flavor? While you could argue that all of these are outstanding, nothing, I mean NOTHING beats Sriracha sauce. Bright red, tangy, spicy, and topped with that recognizable green tip, rooster sauce is literally the Best. Sauce. EVAR!

What makes Sriracha so magical? It’s the way it can be used in literally everything. Don’t believe us? Check out these 15 recipes that show off just how awesome rooster sauce really is!


1. Crispy Sriracha Chicken

Rosemary, Greek yogurt, and Sriracha make an easy, tasty marinade for your next chicken dinner.


2. Whisky Sriracha Candy

You don’t have to use Sriracha for only savory dishes. It makes some pretty bomb sweets too, like these whisky Sriracha candies by Olives For Dinner.


3. Sriracha Schotcha Gelatin Shot

Get a spicy shot with this pineapple, coconut, lime gelatin spin.


4. Sriracha Popcorn

The next time you’re ready to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie, make sure to have a bowl of Around My Family Table’s Sriracha popcorn.


5. Sriracha Chicken Pozole

Sriracha is part of this complex flavor blast that will create a pozole party in your mouth.

6. Sriracha Mango Cocktail Shots

So you like spice, but can you handle the heat of’s Sriracha mango cocktail shots? We dare you to throw one back!


7. Spicy Sriracha Chicken Cheeseballs

Spicy Sriracha cheeseballs will be the hit at your next party.


8. Sriracha Honey Hot Toddy

This Sriracha hot toddy is both hot and spicy!

9. Coconut Chicken Sticky Rice Balls with Mango Puree

These chicken sticky rice balls with a tropical twist have the perfect amount of sweet, savory, and spice.

10. Asian Chicken Salad in Crispy Wonton Cups

Spicy Asian chicken salad gets bite-sized in these cute, crispy wonton cups.


11. Spicy Asian Shrimp Lettuce Cups

Spicy Sriracha contrasts nicely with the cool, crisp lettuce in these nom-worthy Asian shrimp lettuce cups.


12. Korean Meatball Sliders

Korean-inspired meatball sliders get an extra zing from Sriracha. So good you can’t eat just one.


13. Sriracha Mac & Cheese

If you’re a fan of putting ketchup on your mac and cheese, then you’ll love a squirt of Sriracha.


14. Sriracha Beer Can Chicken

Beer + Sriracha…is there any better combination?


15. Vegetable Ramen Pad Thai

Ramen is like, the easiest food ever. But add frozen veggies, peanut butter, and Sriracha, and you have yourself a kick-butt meal!