Soft Pretzels

By Girl Versus Dough
Created March 14, 2017
These homemade soft pretzels are far superior in taste and texture to what you find at the stadium. Try this pretzel recipe! MORE+ LESS-

When I was growing up, my dad would take my two brothers and me to at least two Chicago White Sox baseball games a year. It was tough for a Cubs fan like me. But with three die-hard Sox fans in our household and one extra ticket to claim (my mom, also a Cubs fan, would always decline) – along with the promise for peanuts and soft pretzels with cheese – I never could pass it up.

Of course, let’s be clear that I went only for the soft pretzels with cheese, and this in no way undermines my affection for the Cubs (even if they are cursed).

After a while, however, even the allure of those pretzels diminished. Over time, I grew tired of chewing through that unattractively chewy crust, sloughing off handfuls of salt crystals and realizing that, without the fake, gooey cheese (that always would eventually congeal into something inedible) and layer of salt, the pretzel itself was rather boring and tasteless. It was time to move on.

These homemade soft pretzels are far superior in taste and texture to what you’d find hanging from metal hooks in those bright metal cases that scream “HOT PRETZELS” at the top in bold, festive letters!

In fact, they’re so flavorful, you don’t even need to accompany them with fake cheese dip unless you want to. These pretzels taste wonderful all on their own. And they’re easy to make, too. Perfect as appetizers for one game in particular coming up on Sunday.

In fact, the hardest thing about making these pretzels is not eating all of them yourself. Save some for your guests, please!

So, while I’ll always take up the offer for a good baseball game (even if it is the Sox), I’ll pass on the pretzels – unless I made them myself.

RECIPE: Homemade Soft Pretzels

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