Springtime Tips for the Best Baby Shower Ever

By Guest Blogger
Created March 14, 2017
Springtime Tips for the Best Baby Shower Ever
Easy tips to a DIY springtime picnic baby shower. MORE+ LESS-

Easy tips for throwing the cutest baby shower ever. 

So your bestie is about to embark on the road to parenthood and you want to celebrate this special moment with the perfect party. Check out these easy and colorful tricks to DIY the sweetest soiree for the mommy-to-be!


A picnic in the park.

It's spring, so move the party outside! Picnics in a park or at the beach are a great way to enjoy the beautiful decorations provided by Mother Nature.

Create a spread of snacks and munchies that are best for an outdoor party. Food that won't spoil is the key, so think dips and veggies, cold salads, sandwiches and fruit. 

For dessert, serve pink or blue Chex™ Muddy Buddies. Super simple to make, easy to eat, and the combination of Chex™ cereal, peanut butter, powdered sugar and pink or blue candies are an adorable treat for your lady friends to enjoy.

A new twist on a shower game.

Shower games are a must, but why not try a twist on the classics? Play the hilarious 'Celebrity' game but adapt it to your shower's theme. Create the clues ahead of time – all movies, songs, and celebs related to babies!

Pump up the jams.

While birds chirping are lovely, it's still fun to have your own soundtrack ready. Bring a few portable speakers and a mix of the mama-to-be's favorite tracks as well as a few silly songs that will get people laughing and dancing.

Mix it up.

Pre-mix fun, fruity cocktails and bottle 'em up using a cute cork stopper and glass bottles. If the shower is for a baby girl, make pink cocktails using a mix of lemonade, grenadine, vodka and an orange slice. For a baby boy, it’s all about the Blue Curacao! Add lemonade and vodka to this bright blue liqueur and your friends will love it. And of course, you can always skip the alcohol and make booze-free colorful cocktails as well!


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